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August 30, 2016

Reason for Shuffling Furniture

As I mentioned I would tell you a reason I was influenced to move my furniture around this time.
I cropped this picture to show you the set up.  See the wing back chair with the glass end table next to it?  
One night when I couldn't sleep I had climbed into the recliner and dozed off. 

Mr. Teddy that we love so much….has a thing for lampshades.  I did a post including another story about Teddy, a lamp and shade "here".

As I mentioned I was sleeping in the recliner- when all of a sudden a loud crash awoke me.
The lamp was knocked off the table and hit the hearth.  When I picked it up I could feel the pieces move. It has 5 serious cracks in it now.  Dan used some super-glue on it but it's only a matter of time before it will come apart.  It hit the marble and wood trim on the hearth and it even damaged the marble near the edge.   This was a nice piece from Ethan Allen from about 12 years ago and is made very well.  

I feel like I should've titled this "That Darn Cat"
What's the deal with Teddy?
All we can figure is Teddy likes to use his paws and push against the interior of the shade to knead it.  Cats often like soft objects such pillows and blankets or even you- they say it brings them contentment.  This is the first one I've had that figured out the interior of a shade was a place to be soothing!  Gees!

Another time (just after the lamp crash incident) I fell asleep watching tv and I awoke to another sound… do you see him!

Little stinker.  He had jumped up to the mantel using the table by the recliner to get up there.  I had my cell phone right there so I captured it.  What really freaks me out is that he walked from the right side to the left somehow managing to get around each piece.  I decided that was enough- the room has to change and no more convenient furniture for him to jump from.

Now he's got about a 6 ft. jump to reach the mantel and there's enough intimidation with objects in the way that I expect he isn't going to try it anymore.  He's good but not the good!

Moving on...
This end table looked too bare so I took this inlaid mother of pearl box off a shelving unit in the living room and placed it here.  I hadn't tried it before so it's a new look for me now.  

Hopefully now the lamp is safe here but if it goes down again it will be in multiple pieces.  

The candle on the urn next to the lamp (that I showed in a vignette "here" on the coffee table not long ago) has moved to this end table.   
You can see Dan's table on the right rear that I gave him for his stereo doodads and reading materials.   He likes it a lot and it keeps his stuff off of the other surfaces which makes me happy- a good compromise.  It's pretty well hidden from any view unless you are over near that corner.

In keeping with the "less is more" I've combined the big bowl with the tray on the table but nothing else.  Somehow I'm imagining the contents of the bowl to change when my fall decorating comes into play…. but I will be keeping it simple! 


  1. Liz, I'm sorry your Teddy is such a climber and a kneader of lampshades--so funny! It reminds me of a new system we are looking at for a bird feeder. You have to place the feeder 10 ft. from anything a squirrel could jump from! I also had to smile at Dan's table, as my Grayden could use one of those. He piles his stuff next to the recliner and I must say it frustrates me. I like a neater look as well! Have a great day. ♥

  2. That darned cat! I can't even beieve you captured him on your mantle like that- WOW what a great "action" shot! Liz, your changes look great in your beautiful home. : - )

    Hugs. ♥

  3. Liz, your cat is a little stinker, isn't he? Well, your furniture placement looks great; and hopefully, that solves the problem. I love your inlaid box! It's beautiful!

  4. Liz,
    If you hadn't fallen asleep and saw he jump. . .you could have squirted him with water.
    We used a plant mister on stream to deter Maurice when she was a kitten.
    It works. . .she never got on the furniture.
    We're finding with Grand girl dog, Lucy that the sound of my camera deters her.
    Our son and daughter~in~law use a "shock" collar when she's out of doors on their 10 acres and the sounds are similar.
    All in all. . .you must admit. . .that Teddy boy is one handsome fella'!

  5. Oh Liz,
    Your little kitty cat, is so cute and agile! I cannot believe how Teddy can balance!
    Such a pretty inlaid box.

  6. Teddy is a funny kitty! I'm smiling at the fact that he was the reason for the furniture rearrangement. :)

  7. Teddy is reeking havoc, LOL. How did he get around the mantle without knocking anything off? T he bowl on the table looks pretty.


  8. Sorry-- I had to laugh at your cat, even though I now it is not funny to have something you spent a lot of money on smashed. Years ago, I had a cat who liked streaking through the house -- like she was on a mission to get somewhere important. She knocked a lamp off a table and smashed it to smithereens. My MIL was not happy, since it belonged to her! I hate to tell you, but I have seen a cat that roams our neighborhood sit at the bottom of our backyard fence and effortlessly jump over the fence into a neighbor's tree, the branches of which hang over the fence! The fence is 6 feet high. I once had one of pair of lamps that cracked in that manner during out move to this house. I glued it back together but it made me mad every time I looked at it. Those are now the lamps I use in the summer on my nightstands, the ones I covered in seashells. So you might be able to do something like this with your lamp which would not only stabilize it but hide the cracks.

  9. Sorry about your lamp... Rude kitty♥ Love your cozy styling ♥


  10. Teddy, you are a naughty boy! Hopefully the new arrangement will stop him from leaping around and breaking things. Crazy glue has it's benefits. The inlaid box looks lovely.

  11. Teddy is one mischievous kitty :) I miss having cats around, ours were always jumping on the kitchen counters and tables. I was always amazed how they could jump straight up and land so gracefully in a spot cluttered with stuff without knocking anything over. I like Ellen's suggestion to cover the surface of your lamp with shells or something to hide the cracks.


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