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August 28, 2016

Shuffling Furniture…again

Well it's been a dry spell with me leaving my furniture in the same place!  I had to disrupt the dry spell and shuffle things around again.
The sofa was on an angle where the red chair is now and the recliners were split and on both sides of the room.   

I'm working on hubby about moving the tv over to the wall on the right side of the room between two windows.  I know it actually makes furniture placement a little more difficult but I'd like not to see the tv so easily.  I have had it in at least 4 different spots in this room in the past.  The hardest part is going under the house to move the wiring over to the new location.

The tv would go where the striped cabinet is now and that cabinet would move across the room to the opposite wall.  For now it stays- if it happens it would likely be after the holidays.
In the meantime I put my conservatory/lantern over on the striped chest.   I never for a minute thought would work there but I gave it a try and I like it.

This chest had been sitting behind the sofa like a sofa table but I got tired of the way it blocked the room as seen "here".

 I do have a little plan to add/change it up a bit for fall but I will go back to this look after the holidays because I really like it.

The sun made an appearance so of course I had to take a picture.  We've been getting a lot of rain and not much sun so I felt lucky to see this.

 I ended up setting this up with family pictures.  It's a game table and I have to chairs for it but they don't tuck under which would have worked much better.  Anyway for now this is what I have here.

 My little bit of bling.  I dug out one of my glass risers.  I love this piece from Pier 1.  

The wing-back recliners are back together again.

An early evening shot.  

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  1. Liz,
    I adore your beautiful Living Room, dear friend!
    Since my "frozen shoulder" situation, I haven't been shuffling the furniture!
    Poor Dan, I'm sure he's much like "Mr. Ed" when I move the TV in the Family Room. . .
    all those cable lines and cords, plus the limited electrical boxes in the correct placement. Then, there's extension cords, which I detest! Our husbands are amazing!
    Your conservatory/lantern over on the striped chest is a stunning decor piece!
    Yes! I, too, am thinking Christmas designs and styling as I decorate our home for Autumn's arrival!

  2. I see you are at it again Liz. As I have said it before, we cannot shuffle furniture in our home. Our sectional is very large and has to go where it is and the tv is in a very large entertainment center. Your chairs look great together and I love your striped cabinet. It all looks fabulous! Dan is such a trooper for assisting you when you want to shuffle. Happy Sunday and thank you for sharing any DI&DI.

  3. I love the calmness of the colors in your living room, Liz. I used to move furniture around all the time. Having a window and a door and an opening in our living room, doesn't allow for much variety. Bless these husbands that help us when we need things moved around. ♥

  4. Wow, Liz, you have been busy! The room looks beautiful, with the sun streaming in! Your conservatory/lantern is beautiful, as well! It looks great on the striped chest.

  5. You are a busy bee, Liz! Your LR always looks great. Your husband is a good man. I agree the TV would look best in front of a solid wall so Dan better get busy too!

  6. Looks great! I really like your conservatory/lantern on the chest and with that floral arrangement on the opposite side. It's so fun to move furniture around and get a new look and it saves money too because it costs nothing! I used to be able to move our LR furniture in more ways when we had 2 loveseats but now we have more chairs instead so it is difficult to come up with other seating plans. Got to love our hubbys who put up with our "design ideas".

  7. It's so pretty. I'm always rearranging furniture.

  8. It's so pretty. I'm always rearranging furniture.

  9. I want to do a little "shuffle" in my living room too!! Just for a little change of pace! Love that striped cabinet and the conservatory/lantern! Where did you find it, it is beautiful!

  10. I love your living room, Liz. I like how you can change it around too. That striped cabinet is very pretty....Christine


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