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August 7, 2016

Later Summer on the Plate Rack and Dining Table

I fussed a bit on an off this past week working on my late summer plate rack and tabletop vignettes.

I was trying to mix something together that would work with this pitcher.  What I like about it is the multiple colors found in the flowers.  White, lavender, purple, blue, red, yellow, orange and green.

Since sunflowers are blooming now I decided it would be okay to use them.  I used my Ralph Lauren dinner plates in the background that have a touch of blue on the rim.  I wanted something to sit in the middle between the plates so I looked on the internet and found a tutorial on a napkin fold that ended up working out nicely.

I wanted to use these white picket fence looking candle holders since I think they look so summery and picked up on the white in the tray.  I found these pear shaped yellow candles but they hardly showed up.  I filled the glass votive with sand and plopped them on the top.  I wish they were larger- perhaps I'll find some when I'm out shopping another day.

I couldn't find anything on hand that was working for the tabletop.  Then I remembered I had these woven placemats.  They gave just the look I needed and the fit isn't bad!  I must have arranged this 6 times trying to find a good balance.  I chose the little bird house because it has the same kind of coloring as in the pitcher.  Then I decided since the apple plates and S & P shakers had the same kind of green and red I'd add them in too.  The birds just showed up!

Before we know it apples will be ready to pick!

I liked how the woven placemats pick up with the basket down below.  My sister Jen gave me the creamy colored pig with wings several years ago.  It shows up now and then.  I have a thing for flying pigs!  

So that's my Later Summer on the Plate Rack and Tabletop!  I plan to keep it this way until mid September when I'll make the plunge towards fall decorating!!  

This is the link to the napkin fold if you're interested "here"
The pitcher and tray are from MacKenzie Childs- I waited for a sale.
Sunflower plates are by Magenta were from T.J.Maxx last year (no doubt they have more in now or will soon)
Ralph Lauren dinner plates- Mandarin Blue- T.J. Maxx
Bird house was a Jim Shore piece from Lowe's several years ago.  
Apple plates and S & P shakers are made by Tag
Napkins are by Park - Newport Blue

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  1. Your plate rack and table look lovely for a late summer look. Sunflowers have always been a favorite of mine. Your napkin is folded so pretty in the center. How nice for the birds to show up! Ha Ha I admire your knack for arranging just the right pieces together, Liz. Your piggies always give me smile. ♥

  2. I love how you always create such lovely vignettes. Beautiful.

  3. What a charming summer time pitcher and plate rack. It embodies everything summer. The white picket fence candleholders and yellow sunflower plates are so whimsical. I had been a long time collector of everything apple. Your apple plates and salt and pepper shakers are so sweet and adorable with the decorative birdhouse. I wouldn't mind gazing at your setting through the entire winter. It would certainly make me feel that I was ready to "run through a sprinkler" kind of feeling. Nice arrangement.

  4. I love your vignette, Liz. The plate rack is wonderful for displaying seasonal things. You've reminded me to get out my sunflower plates that I have! Your pitcher is just darling, and the white picket fence candleholders are so cute. You certainly know how to tie everything together that is pleasing to the eye.

  5. Love the napkins styled in the plate rack! An apple vignette is a great nod to fall, cute Liz!

  6. Sunflowers and apples are a great transition to Fall. I love your plate rack and how you change it. The napkin fold is terrific too! Have a beautiful day, Liz!

  7. Looks great Liz! I like how you did an actual napkin fold in the display and didn't just tuck a "flat" one in. Beautiful sunflower plates and pitcher. I like the woven placemats with the basket too. Can't believe we are into late summer looks already ...we are still waiting for some nice summer weather!

  8. Hi Liz! I absolutely love your plate rack. I love how you're different dishes make it looks so different each time! That little pitcher is so cute too! Can you believe fall is almost here!! We've been blessed, like you, to have a pretty mild summer. It's been the hottest the last few weeks. Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  9. What a great idea to include the folded napkins on the shelves. Every thing is so cute.

  10. Liz,
    LOVE the Apples and Sunflowers for late Summer decor, dear friend!
    Those woven placemats blend harmoniously with your wicker basket!
    I've moved on to Autumnal decor, but it's a s l o w progression!

  11. I love it every time you dress up your beautiful plate rack....Sunflowers, the perfect late summer/fall flower...Love that wonderful pitcher ... the colors are so cheerful and the pitcher has such a beautiful pattern and colors for fall!...Have a great week Liz!

  12. Everything looks fabulous Liz! You have a knack for putting colors together. The pitcher, your focal point, is so pretty with the floral pattern. Thank you for stopping by to see my flowers.

  13. Very pretty Liz. Love the colors and your plate rack looks fabulous. Definitely a summer look to enjoy. Thanks for sharing at DI&DI.

  14. Big fan of that chubby pig. Dishes and the pitcher are oh so pretty


  15. So charming. Do you know I've been thinking non stop about your sprinkler since you showed it a few weeks ago. I think it's time I give in and buy one.

  16. So charming. Do you know I've been thinking non stop about your sprinkler since you showed it a few weeks ago. I think it's time I give in and buy one.

  17. Hi Liz, this setting is gorgeous. I'm in love with that pitcher. Love all these colors as we enter fall. Makes such a nice transition to fall. Hope it gets here soon. We need some cooler temps here.
    Have a great week. xo

  18. I love your McK-C flower market pieces Liz, I took advantage of the sale too. Sunflowers always make me smile and your salad plates look great paired with the navy rimmed RL plates and navy napkins. :)


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