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February 18, 2016

Soothing Lavender

I hope you like the aroma of lavender as much as I do!

Not long ago I did a post about this table by the entryway.  This antique vase had some dried roses in it but today I decided to change it up.  You can visit that post "here".

The sun was shining in and the picture of the lavender field popped out at me.  I was reminded that I had a nice bunch of lavender that I had saved.
Last summer I had the opportunity to visit a lavender farm that I posted about "here".  I look forward to going there again this year.  

I do love the smell of lavender and I was so pleased to find that this bouquet of it still smelled great after being kept in a sealed plastic bag.  I wanted to immerse myself in it!

Can you smell it??  No? Scratch the screen- perhaps that will work!
Benefits of lavender oil are believed to help reduce anxiety, depression, insomnia and restlessness.  I know it smells wonderful in warm bath and does seem to sooth.

Though this looks very summery…. I'm dreaming of spring and Easter which I'll be working on some decorating for soon.  Wishing you a soothing and relaxing day!


  1. Oh yes, I do love lavender and raise it in my garden for my soaps. I usually hang it to dry. Did you put yours fresh into a plastic bag? It would be great if that works. It is definitely a lovely, calming fragrance!

    1. No it was already dried. I had to be real careful with it since it's very dry and wants to shed it's pretty little flowers.

  2. I have some Lavender spay that I use on my pillows - I love it!

  3. Liz,
    I keep lavendar in our lower level mechanical room.
    I love brushing against it as I enter and exit the room!
    Beautiful vignette!

  4. Hi Liz, your entry is beautiful and I love lavender too. It looks so inviting here and how nice to catch the beautiful scent as you and your guests walk by this table. What a sweet photo. I adore this corner in your entry. xo

  5. I have very good imagination and in fact I could smell the lavender and feel the whimsy of this vignette only by spotting the thumbnail in my blog's side bar. I love it. I love the frame, the candle sticks and the lavender. It smells of Provence. It smells of Elegance.
    Looks perfect for that nook.

  6. There is a lavender farm near Becker Winery here near us, and it is so wonderful to walk into their front tasting room and smell the aroma. I always have a room spray of it.

  7. I love the fragrance of lavender and yes, it is very soothing and relaxing. Your table looks perfect!


  8. Very pretty Liz! Yes, I love lavender too. I used to grow it when we lived in Southern California. I love to diffuse the oil when it's time to go to bed and my favorite soap my husband makes is lavender!

  9. Hi Liz, yes I love the soothing smell of lavender, and actually had a lavender bath last night. Your entry Tavel looks so inviting and welcoming.
    I also looked at your guest room redo. What a comfortable spot for guests and also for you to use for relaxing or reading. Your touches of blue look great and the Craig's List purchase was wonderful! G

  10. What a pretty vignette, Liz, and yes, I think I CAN smell the lovely scent of lavender right through the screen! I love the vase it's nestled in, too, so sweet!



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