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August 14, 2015

Summer's Sunshine- Sunflowers!

Well it's late in the summer season and Sunflowers are in bloom!
I think they offer a ray of sunshine for any day- even a gloomy one!

I rummaged through my stock of artificial flowers and ended up with this... These were about 24" stems but I chopped away at them to work for these jars.

I was going to put these jars on the plate rack but they were too tall so I finallly decided I wanted a new cheerful design on the windowsill at my kitchen sink.

 I've been growing a collection of green glass bottles.  This one has a cow on it although I just couldn't seem to capture it well.  The little jar has pieces of the lavender that have fallen from my small bouquet of lavender I got at the lavender farm.

Makes me happy!!

Bon Weekend everyone!

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  1. That is such a beautiful way to display the sunflowers...on a sunny windowsill with the old bottles. Lovin' it!!

    1. ps...catching up on what I missed of your posts...love the 'artistic' gate with the wagon rims.

  2. I love your cheerful sunflowers! You were brave to chop them off. I have some super long sunflower stems and I could use them more if I chopped mine off too. I might now that I have seen yours. They are happy flowers. Sheila

  3. Love the window display, very cheerful.

  4. Very cheerful. I love sunflowers, however when I buy the real ones, they never last.

  5. Oh, Liz, it makes me happy too! What a delight for the end of summer look!

    You are getting a nice collection of jars, too - perfect for so many things! : - )


  6. I like how you put separate blooms in the jars instead of all massed together. They look pretty in your windowsill.

  7. Liz,
    Absolutely gorgeous, dear friend!!!
    The resident baby bunnies ate all the Sunflower seedlings . . .t w i c e!!!
    We've had two Sunflowers bloom in the Sunflower Patch this Season!!!
    Thanks for sharing yours!!!

  8. those are gorgeous faux blooms Liz! I would have never guessed! They look perfect in your window!

  9. Sunflowers are the perfect summer flower. Very pretty photos of them.

  10. Sunflower days! I like them on your windowsill, too.


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