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August 13, 2015

Artistic Gate at the Old Family Farm

I'm joining the Run A Round Ranch Report once again 
for her party "Good Fences"
I want to thank everyone who visited my first post last week- I was overwhelmed with the kindness and great response!

My husband grew up in this tiny little farmhouse in the southeastern part of Michigan.  It was a working dairy farm but these days it's quiet and the earth rests around it.

 I took these pictures in Nov. 2013 and I first posted about this "here"

 Just to the west side of the house is an old fence and neat gate my husband's sister put together.  I walked along and hoisted bails of hay onto a cart a few times in this field!

I used my cell phone for the pictures so they're not the best quality.  I enhanced the photo so you could see the detail on the gate a bit better.  

 The artistry is by the same sister Clara that created the gate.
 This depicts the field just beyond the barn on the east side...

 This is the old milk house area...when I first started coming around in '73 it was very active.  The big dairy truck would arrive and run a big hose in through this door to the milk tank several times a week.  By 1985 the cows were sold off and the farm only produced corn and hay for several years to sell for added income.

The old stanchions only serve as reflections of this once active barn these days...

This feels like a fence doesn't it?

She's a tired barn but still standing her own ground.  Her roof is straight and that's very important!  I'd love to give it a new silver toned painted roof and a coat of red on the barn!  I love red barns! 

"Good Fences"


  1. oh, it's still a beauty of a place! LOVE that gate! wonderful!

  2. Old gates are a joy to behold! So much history and each one has a story.

  3. Love that gate! Beautiful place.

  4. Enjoyed the tour through this old farm and I do love that gate.

  5. Such a neat barn and gate. Your sister is indeed very artistic. I loved that gate. Also just became a new follower of your blog.

  6. What a beautiful place. I love the gate and barn.

  7. Hi Liz,

    I LOVED this post! Your nostalgic nuance, amazing photos, and interesting angle on fences, were very intriguing. Like you, I adore red barns, too! Meadow Mist Farm, what a dreamy name! Thanks for making me smile on this cold and grey rainy day.:))


  8. Love the gate with the 2 wheels and it looks a lovely place still

  9. Liz,
    I adore the old barn. . .but not the work that went on in the inside!!!
    My "Mr. Ed" (aka Farmer Boy) lived on the family farm before we were married.
    I help him make the transition to City Life!!!
    Great photos!!! Full of precious memories for Dan and for you!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  10. How neat, Liz! I loved the tour of such a special place. The fence is awesome, and I'm with you on the red barn idea. I'm so glad your family has this treasure to enjoy!

  11. Liz, wow what a great share for good fences. Love that gate and all the wonderful history here. I love the old barn too and you sure captured some great shots.
    Welcome to Good Fences.


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