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August 17, 2015

Late Summer but still in bloom!

Summer is going by way too fast. I suppose we all say that every year don't we!

I went for a walk around the yard…found this Walking Stick hanging around on a screen….

A little while back I found some plants growing out of a couple of my planters (thanks to some chipmunks that like to plant seeds everywhere) so I replanted them in the ground.  At the time the hydrangea wasn't so large so it seemed safe to plant here because there is a fair amount of sun in this area.  This one has decided to go vertical and latch onto the hydrangeas.  

This is the other one which I'm re-routing with stakes so it won't take over my fairy garden.  I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be a pumpkin plant but it only flowers but no pumpkin.  Either way I enjoy watching the vine grow.  

This tricolor sweet potato plant is super slow but doing well.  I imagined it to grow and perhaps even fill the top of the roof up but I suppose I should have provided a bridge of screening material for it to latch onto.  

Nearby is this this 2nd year lily still blooming.  It's a very stout plant.
Sunny Azores, Oriental Lily

 The limelight hydrangeas are blooming.  I really cut them short last fall so I'm grateful to see any kind of bloom.  They grew as big as before.  

 A disappointing year for the Endless Summer Hydrangeas.  These are the only two blooms.

This Cityline Paris Hydrangea has a nice shrubby shape but I only seem to get 2 or 3 blooms each year.  

Out front the Pinky Winky Hydrangea is blooming.  The blooms are better this year than before but I'm still not thrilled with this one.  It never has the fantastic pink/white combo like the pictures show.

This hibiscus comes up each year but flowers so late its rather disappointing.  We put lava down around the front of the house back in the 90's.  I'll never use it again mostly because it's a stinker to have to dig around.  You have to rake all the pieces away from where you want to dig which can be time consuming.  

 The Cone Flowers (echinacea) have been blooming away for a while now.  I like that these stay relatively short.

These deep pink coneflowers are flopped over laying on the Black Eyed Susan's.   I need to tidy up and dead head out here.  It was sweltering the day I took these with my phone camera.  70% humidity and it was around 92 degrees.  

 I just added these variegated Sedum plants and the orange Lilies to this new garden I started last year as seen "here".  The lilies are almost done blooming but I liked their coloring with the Sedum so I bought them anyway.  Next year it will be even better!

 In the center you see some twigs by a store tag--- that's all that's left of the Heliopsis (Tuscan Sun) after the bunny feasted on it earlier this summer.  I leave the store tags for a while until I am familiar with where each plant should come up.  The Russian Sage is floppy and laying all over the place- not too happy with it.  I'm guessing it needs more sun.  There is a broken over white Cone flower you may be able to notice.  I put two of those plants in too.  They were about done at the garden center but I know next year will be great.

 These cone flowers were put in last year.  I'm tickled at how well they came back.  Something has been eating the leaves but not enough to worry about.  These smell delightful.  You can actually smell the fragrance as you approach.  They are called "Secret Affair" and I highly recommend them!  Behind them you can see the other Heliopsis plant that the bunny didn't get.

Way to the left is the Helenium "Sneezeweed" plant. (Deep golden w/dark centers)  It's not too impressive.  We'll see if it can pull it's own weight and stay alive here.

Our grass is overdue for a cut.  Dan is my lawnmower but he had to work on our work vehicle so the lawn has to wait.  There are some mums coming back from last year too but I don't think they'll flower until September.  This garden has largely been neglected this year and looks a bit disheveled.

 I took these pictures after that big storm.  These are portion of the sticks and branches that were all over the yard.  
 Dan still has more weed killer (the vinegar mix) to spray- as you can see not all of it has been treated yet.  We've already gone through 4 gallons of vinegar mix.   It seems like a fairly environmentally friendly way to control weeds so I'm for it.

A quick fire to clean it all up.

This planter has gone wild but I love it. 

 The wagon has progressed.  There were some white wax begonias planted in there too but the impatiens have taken over.

The Wandering Jew has spread out very nicely. 

I guess that's a wrap!



  1. Liz, I have loved walking thru your garden with you. The walking stick is wonderful to see. It would give me the creeps if I saw it in person. Your gardens are so pretty. I love all your wonderful flowers. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Your gardens are lovely Liz and what about the planters with Impatiens, they look gorgeous. Such fun to have a walking stick on the screen, I suppose you see them more in the wild at your place. My children had walking sticks in an terrarium when they were little, they fed them with privet leaves.

  3. Everything looks so beautiful!! You have so much wonderful colour which we are now running short on!
    Love your firepit, that is fabulous and very useful for stick clear up too!! xx

  4. I love your garden. What is your secret to growing hydrangeas? I have tried and failed. Next year I want to try again and buy a few plants.

  5. Oh, Liz! I just loved your garden tour!! What a treat! Our hydrangeas haven't bloomed much this summer either...and I didn't trim them last fall.??

  6. Hi Liz, I haven't seen a walking stick in forever. Your garden and blooms are amazing. I am disappointed with my hydrangea this year. Not one bloom on a large green beautiful bush!! Nothing to dry this season.
    The wagon blooms really did well for you. My impatiens are done from all the heat. Love all your displays.
    Thanks for the inspiration. xo

  7. I got a piece of that variegated sedum this year and love it. I hope it ends up being as prolific as Autumn Joy. And that Echinacea is fantastic. I DO need one! Your impatiens make me jealous. Almost all of mine have been yanked because of that dang wilt they get. So frustrating.


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