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June 29, 2015

Little Old Red Wagon

I really stepped out of my comfort zone and bought this little red wagon the other day.
Sorry about the quality, I used my cell phone to take pictures as I went along here.

I could tell by the look of the wheels it was an oldie!  She's pretty rusty but still has good bones.  I see bloggers doing cute things with old items like this and I started thinking of how I could use it.  I figured I would add it to my backyard garden area.

It still pulls very nicely and given the heavy denting along the front edge where the handle lands I can tell it's had a lot of hours put on it.  Perhaps some young boy pulled it around a neighborhood with newspapers in it and or raced it with his buddies! 

In was determined to plant something in it and my head went spinning as to how I could do it.  I didn't want to cause it to rust out too much faster so my first I thought was to line it with plastic to protect the bottom but that could also trap moisture.  Then I got the idea of putting potted plants in there.

I made a trip to a favorite garden center and came across these zinc planters.  They're very modern in design but their depth and overall size told me they were just what I wanted.  I still have a big bale of pine mulch I stored in the garage so I decided to create a thick bed (which should help keep the bottom from staying too wet).  

I added a little piece of landscape fabric over the drain holes which helps keep the dirt from seeping out the bottom.

I filled the planters up with some potting soil and then added some pelleted slow release fertilizer. 

I picked up some I ivy, begonias and impatiens.  Once they fill out the edges of the planters will disappear and I think the effect will be great! 

I don't want to paint it because I felt it's authenticity is part of the character.  I did some research and it would appear that it's from the 1930's or 1940's.  

 This morning I sat outside in the cool morning air sipping coffee and waiting to see the sun shine through.
 The woods were echoing with birds singing.  It's a special time and I love it!

I used my regular camera to get better color and detail.

I'm anxious to see the plants spread out and fill in!

I recently moved my arbor to this same back area that the wagon is now and I used my planters that I brought back from Pennsylvania a few years ago to hang there.  I added wandering jew, and more of the begonias and impatiens.  I hope the wandering jew spreads out quickly!

I took some more pictures in the evening while the sun is setting and shines briefly in the back.   I thought I'd also leave the hoop handle watering can out there too.  It adds a little more "gardening" character to the scene!

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  1. Now don't we all wish we had a red wagon too!
    I think you made a great decision purchasing it.
    hope you show it again when the ivy fills out.
    Linda C in Seattle

  2. I love the way you filled the wagon! I've always loved the look of a wagon full of flowers. It's so old fashioned and beautiful.

  3. Your little rusty wagon is so cute! Great idea with the zinc planters and adding flowers. They will fill in and it will look lovely. Makes for a nice setting.

  4. So cute!! Love the wagon and the flowers and ivy you added. Great job!

  5. I have an old wagon that the bottom is not good on with a small rusted hole and white paint spots and always wondered how to use it to display flowers still. Your idea of mulch and adding zinc planters is a great way to both protect the wagon from further damage and to hide the damage I have on mine - thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Hi Liz, I have a smaller version of the little red wagon....Super cool how you are using it in your garden!!!

  7. Hi Liz, what a darling vintage wagon. Love how you planted in it with those planters. This makes such a charming accent for your incredible garden. How special to sit out in the early hours having coffee and enjoying the cool air. I could send you some of our Texas heat but then your garden would not be too nice.
    Thanks for stopping by and your kind comment on my guys retirement.
    Have a great week. Hugs, cm

  8. Liz,
    Love the wagon! So sweet and love the basket hanging on the arbor!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for the encouraging words!! I go Part Time on July 26th!! Whoa!!


  9. Liz, that is the cutest thing ever! I love your old wagon and it's awesome as a planter!! Clever lady!
    Happy 4th~

  10. I have a very similar little red wagon, but this year, mine is still empty. Yours looks so pretty, and I can't wait to see pictures when the flowers fill out. It's going to be a beautiful addition to your garden.

  11. Liz,
    It was "meant to be"!!!
    This Little Red Wagon is adorable and fills in the space, quite nicely, dear friend!!!
    Love the planters you choose for the interior!!!
    The plant choices are absolutely stunning!!!

  12. Glad you put the little ol' wagon good use! It makes me think of a children's storybook even!

  13. Liz, you know I love that wagon! I had one planted with herbs at my previous home. Still there and my son and dil are now enjoying it. I have a very small one that I haven't played with for a while. I think I need to next year! Love how old yours is and I'm so glad you didn't paint it! It's so full of vintage charm. Can't wait to see it when it fills in. Be sure and share it again when it does! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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