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June 17, 2015

Portland and Roses

Our visit to Portland, Oregon
 Did you know it's known as the City of Roses!  Boy they sure do grow them well out there and it seemed like just about every house had some growing in their yards. They all looked so healthy and bug free too.

We went to the International Rose Test  Garden which is amazing.  I snapped dozens of pictures which I'm going to flood the page with.  

 I wasn't in the park 10 seconds and spotted this one that is totally unique!
Rock & Roll Grandiflora Rose

Just to prove to you that I really was there- a little haggard but I was there!

 This one had the most amazing smell of them all. 
New Zealand Hybrid Tea Rose

The sizes of some of these were just huge- 6 to 8 inches across!

 Daughter wasn't too thrilled to pose for me but I begged.

Stunning colors

These were amazing.  As they continue to open they get more ruffly.

I wished we had been there early in the morning.  I think my pictures would have been better.  
These red roses we gorgeous but the picture doesn't do them justice.

This is literally a testing ground for new roses.  They've been issuing Gold Medal awards since 1919 for the ones they select.  

 It was hard to get a picture without anyone in it.  I had to snap fast and generally didn't have a 2nd opportunity for another one.  

 There wasn't anyone around to ask questions but I was curious how they feed them and prevent bugs from eating them.  Everything was in perfect shape and seemed disease free.

 These were interesting.  Multiple flower heads appearing as one big one- they remind me of hydrangeas.

This big archway was in constant use for photos.  

We didn't even finish the whole garden tour.  It was unusually hot there so we had to cut it a bit short.  

Of course we did a lot of other things but I thought I'd share this bounty of pictures of the roses with my gardening friends!



  1. Liz, oh my heavens, I'd be as happy as a lark strolling through there! The roses are magnificent!
    Oh my, did you stop and smell the roses? Your photographs are just wonderful, you and your daughter are just too cute! Thanks for sharing the beautiful roses with us! Lucky you, I would love to visit there someday!
    Have a happy day~

  2. I so enjoyed this tour around the rose garden of Portland. You know I am fond of roses and never get enough of them. So nice your were there with your daughter who looks very handsome, tell her.
    Wish you happy gardening Liz!

  3. Liz, Love your photos of that beautiful rose garden. I bet it smelled heavenly . Your daughter is a cutie pie...tell her to get her photo taken all the time. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. Heaven for sure - it must smell so good there. We have a very small version of a rose garden in our town - and even small it is heavenly on a sunny day. Great photos!!


  5. Liz, how gorgeous! I can almost smell the beautiful aroma of those wonderful
    roses in each spectacular shot! What an amazing tour! Super cute shot of your daughter hiding in the roses~!

  6. What a wonderful place, and the smell must be just beautiful.

  7. I'm so glad you shared! I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of roses. Some are so unique. I love the color combos they used. I know you had fun...wish I could've been there with y'all! :-)

  8. Glorious!
    You were on heaven ahahahah
    I can see you hiding on the bushes to stay after close up ahahah
    And wake up among so many roses. I wish I knew their secrets too... mine suffer from this and that from Spring to Winter. And this is a testy Summer for me in the roses chapter ;) I reached the point "should I keep insisting on roses" the answer is yes but it pains me that they can't be left alone but those minuscule monsters ahahahahah
    Thank you for sharing the awesomeness with us. So appreciated,

    Dear Daughter is precious so thanks to her for posing <3

  9. They are stunning!!!!!!!!! You must have enjoyed it so much, and I imagine that the fragrance was amazing!!

    You look lovely in your picture, especially with your floral top to match!

    Glad you had fun! xx

  10. Hi Liz, just stunning. I would love to have walking among these gorgeous rose garden. I imagine the scent was heavenly. Love the first rose and I have some similar called Chicago Delight. It only bloomed once so I am waiting for it's return. Love seeing pretty you among the roses. Your daughter looks so pretty posing for you too.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful spot in Portland.
    Hugs, cm

  11. All of the photos are so nice, it sure would be hard to pick a favorite Rose.

    Linda C in Seattle

  12. Amazing, right? I need to take the kids this summer. That white ruffled one is gorgeous.


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