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June 29, 2015

A Wagon, an Arbor and what else- Flowers!

I went out early Sunday morning with a cup of coffee in hand and my camera to wait for the sun to come working it's way through the back yard.

My focus was on this little red wagon that I just added to my garden.
I did some research and it would appear that it's from the 1930's or 1940's.  

I lined it heavily with pine straw to make a barrier between the planters and the base.  These are made with zinc so I think they'll last a long time too.  They're very modern but with the pine straw and the plants they won't be the focus.

I also moved my arbor that's been along the flagstone pathway that leads to the patio.  It didn't work out to be at the end of the path like I had hoped.  The angles were all wrong and so was the width.  
Of course I didn't measure so that's my fault but since I had pulled it out of the ground I made a commitment to relocate it.
I potted these two planters with the same flowers that went in the wagon and some Wandering Jew which I've never done before.  I hope it grows well outdoors!

I took random shots while sitting there.  The sun was highlighting the cherub on the garden bench.

I noticed the Japanese Painted Ferns were popping through.  I had thoughts of moving them this year but never got around to it.  The Creeping Jenny plant has been prolific.

There is a variety of Begonias in here with some Lamium.

Here's a better shot showing the arbor in the evening.  I am going to give it a try here and see if I can live with it.  I never had that great of luck growing vines on it or my climbing rose because there wasn't enough sun. 

The sun only hits this back area for about an hour. 

The Creeping Jenny is flowering- I think it's a cute little flower!

Dan finally got the fountain going last weekend.  He had to pull out the old pump and rewire a new one in.  
Periodically I come out and sit on the garden bench and rock back and forth a while but after a while the mosquitoes discover me so I have to give up and leave.

As I walked back my "two girls" were checking out the ground by the bird feeders.  They are regular visitors here.  

 I just noticed that the pollen is really caked on the gas grill cover.  Another cleaning job in the wait!

These petunias finally started blooming like crazy!  

 This little pot is starting to take off nicely!  

This picture is more true to the color

I'm in love with this Diascia Dangenpin (Genta Pink).  The tag said it would give continuous blooms and once it started it sure has been blooming like crazy!  There is a Geranium hiding in the center that I'm still waiting to see flower again and some sweet potato vine that's taking it's time growing.  The white plant is Diamond Frost (Euphorbia graminea) - a great accent plant.

Well - that's enough for now!



  1. Hi Liz,
    Saw your post over at Tuesdays at our Home. I am getting ready to buy flat rock for a path like yours. Any advice you have for me on this process? Yours looks wonderful!
    Have a glorious July 4 week.

  2. This is so fun to watch. You're "behind" me like three months. All that you are showing I remember having and witnessing - unfortunately not in such amazing landscape; you have created Paradise - in the beggining of May. Polen included :(
    I dream with arbors but I don't know if I'm brave enough to make one in a lovely - and boring - nook in my garden. I love roses. I have been lucky on the past years with them but them BAM! every known plague and bug hits and I don't know if I can go through it. I could have an arbour with another species but it's not rose right?! That's my dream. Let's see if I go for it.
    Lovely sharing dear friend. Your findings and creations and those whimsy details always put a smile on my face.

  3. I love your garden. It's one of my favorite blog gardens to follow.

    I grow wandering jew & it does very well outside. It usually grows down my containers & roots in the ground around them. By frost it's very lush. I always keep a pot indoors to take cuttings from each spring. They are so easy to root, just dip in rooting hormone & plant right into the pot.

    I've never seen creeping jenny bloom! I've had it a few years in my garden & it's never bloomed for me.

  4. Wonderful to see what is happening in your garden!
    I love the wagon and the arch looks really great too.
    The little tap bucket is so cute! xx

  5. Liz, Your gardens are so pretty. I love the old wagon. You have some big birds there Liz. LOL. Blessings to you and yours for a happy 4th. xoxo,Susie

  6. Liz ... again your garden is so pretty and I am in love with your fountain !
    We have a second fountain which is powered by a battery pack so now wires to worry about .
    Having said that ? my Garden PA had to run a new extension cord from our basalt fountain since something? chewed through the wire ... just one of those winters.
    Your planters are so pretty ! The little terra cotta flower pot man is a cutie pie !
    You are very lucky to live in such a pretty area and make such a peaceful wonderful garden for yourselves .. but it would be better without the mosquitoes right ? LOL
    Joy : )

  7. Everything is looking fantastic!!!


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