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March 9, 2015

Living Room Shuffle

I mentioned a little while ago that I had moved the living room around- again. 

This was late last summer.
Having two recliners in the room is challenging.  With this layout the one recliner was too close and angled away from being able to see the tv so it really didn't work all that well.

In the picture below you'll notice I've removed those tall pedestal urns on the fireplace mantel.  I have shown them for several years with different things in them, but ultimately I decided they were hogging visual space with the portrait so I relocated them.  

 The primary reason for changing the room this time was because we relocated the tv.
I've been trying to keep it hidden so it's not the first thing you see but ultimately this kind of configuration works best. 

 The game table (which at one time served as a desk for my laptop)  had been anchoring the corner of my sofa (and I loved it there) didn't work well into the floor plan so now it's off to the side and displaying some family pictures.

I'm going to take you around the room in a circle
The sofa  is a favorite spot at night or the red chair that swivels and rocks.  I stay out of the recliners because I fall asleep in them too easily!

Since there is only one table lamp in the room now I'm on the hunt for some.  I've found what I think I want but I have to order them.  I sure wish I could see them first but I haven't found anything I like at the stores and I even checked stores when we were visiting downstate.

I'm pretty sure this is what I'm going to order.
A little old world, softly shaped and the creamy white will offer the updated look I want.  It's neutral enough to be blended with other colors easily too.

The behemoth tv...hard to make it look good.  I set some decorating books and book boxes down below.  The round things are speakers and the sub-woofer is at the bottom.  I have skinny stands for the speakers which really gives it an ultra modern look.  I've never used them as of yet.  We used to have huge speakers on the sides but I got hubby to remove them a couple of years ago.  One of these days we may change the tv stand to an all wood one with doors at the bottom.  This glass/metal one was a special order and works real well but It does give off a pretty modern vibe that doesn't go all that well with the room.

 The grandfather clock stayed where it was. I blotted out the electrical on the wall on the picture because they stand out like a sore thumb.  The room was wired for telephone, internet and cable.  Only problem is now some of those aren't even being used.  Boy the times sure changed quickly!

 This striped chest of drawers used to be behind the sofa and now sits over to the left of the grandfather clock. I'm giving the urns a try here

 This is built in cabinetry that divides the old part of the house with the new room we had built in '96.  I vary the decorative items on here from time to time.  Those who have followed have seen the big brown vase move around the house several times.

Despite the obvious things I moved around and the new orchid I'm wondering if anyone who knows my room from before or is a good observer sees anything new added to the room that wasn't there before.  You'll have to scroll back to figure it out!

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  1. I love those mirrors by the grandfather's clock.
    The rest? Well, it's the usual awesome. I love how you play the items you have to achieve the look you want. But then you have awesome pieces to play with.
    I like to see the light filtering through the windows... the sunlight suits the colors of your rooms with warmth and coziness.
    Have Fun,

  2. Everything looks great! Love the clock, and the divider cabinetry would be so great to have.

  3. Oh, everything looks so nice! It's very hard to know what to do with a big ole TV. Hubby bought one too and as much as I enjoy looking at shows on it, it's hard to decorate around it. Your home always looks so pretty. Have a great week.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  4. Liz,
    I can't remember when I've seen your entire Living Room, dear friend!!!
    This room is gorgeous!!!
    I adore how you've blended in the recliners with your couch and swivel rocker!!!
    Your TV looks fine.
    I do understand, though. . .as I battle with the large stereo speakers in our living room!
    As I tell my friends. . .it is what it is!
    Now, I'm excellent at attention to detail. . .but I've missed the "new" added item!
    Guess I'd better look again!!!(wink!)

  5. What a nice big room you have to play with, Liz! We all have those TVs to contend with. Mine is over the fireplace mantel...little room for fun decor there. I always enjoy your mantel redo posts. Your room looks great! Hope you enjoy it to the max! Blessings~

  6. It looks very functional and cozy. I love the lamp too....Christine

  7. The room looks great!! After all it is your LIVING room.....and it is very welcoming!! Love the lamp you have chosen....have you considered a floor lamp?? I have a small one in back of my fav chair.........we all have that TV problem, but like someone else said.....it is what it is....when its off no one really notices it anyway!!

  8. Hi Liz, your room is gorgeous and your touches look so nice. Love the dividers for storage and decor. Your new lamp is beautiful and will go with your room so nicely. I had to smile when you said the recliner puts you to sleep. We have a loveseat recliner and I stay out of it too or I fall right to sleep. My hubby calls it the coma chair! LOL I've looked several times and I think your new piece is the shelf unit on the wall?? Not sure, you have so many gorgeous treasures.
    Have a nice evening.
    Hugs, CM

  9. It is really nice, Liz. I like the changes...and a big TV is always hard to hide and/or work around. I think you did a good job of working with it. Is the new item the table? Not sure. I love that new lamp you are thinking of buying, Liz. It is gorgeous- xo Diana

  10. Liz,
    These TV's are just plain awkward and they drive all of us woman nuts-except when there is a great movie on! You have many lovely furniture pieces and have created such a warm room which flows so easily. I am hooked on your last photo-the light, the warmth and the decorating.
    Thank you for your thoughtful visit.

  11. I love doing the furniture shuffle! Liz I love that striped chest near the window and those pretty french country urns you have on top of it!

  12. Liz, I'm not sure what is new - maybe the animal print pillow, but the room is beautiful. I really like that Frenchy looking game table, and your grandfather clock is gorgeous. We still don't have a big screen - probably because I can't figure out what to do with it. If I had a divider like yours, I'd probably be trying to reconfigure the inside of it, so the TV could go in it. I think the urns look beautiful on the table, and maybe because it's not as high as the mantel, they seem to show up better.

  13. I love the change, Liz! Sometimes it's best not to fight with the television. It is what it is! This is, after all, where you watch television, so it's going to be in view. I love your recliners! I'm guessing they are comfortable by your comment about falling asleep in them. : ) I need to get something for my husband since our small sectional bothers his back.


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