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March 22, 2015

Pastels of Spring

I am turning my thoughts towards Easter.

When I look at the morning sky filled with these pastel pinks and blues I can't help but think this is the kind of inspiration that motivated the traditional pastel colors we see during Easter.  Of course spring flowers like tulips and daffodils help with that too!

I've created a door arrangement for Easter with the colors of spring in mind!
I was thrilled to find this long skinny basket that can fit between the storm door and the main door.  It will change with the seasons!

These are the things that bring sunshine and happiness this week to me!
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  1. Oh the prettiness of spring decorating - I must finish mine today.

  2. The basket was an excellent find as it fits so well there! Lovely arrangement too!

  3. That is a gorgeous arrangement! I LOVE that basket and it is perfect on your door.
    You know, I never really thought about the sky having the pastel colors of Easter but you are so right-that is a perfect Spring sky! xo Diana

  4. Your door looks so inviting and cheerful. Beautiful arrangement and nice that you can change with the seasons.

  5. Beautiful morning sky! Have a wonderful first week of Spring!


  6. Great Easter arrangement on your door!

  7. Love the door hanging. It will be something easy to change for the seasons. I loved your sun rise photo. Blessings to you Liz, Hope this week is nice for you. xoxo,Susie

  8. Very pretty, are the carrots for the easter bunny.

  9. Beautiful door arrangement. Yes, Easter is soon here!

  10. I love that basket too and who would have thought to put it on the door. It looks great. Early Easter greetings to you

  11. quelle bonne idée printanière

  12. Your basket wreath is lovely! Wonderful it fits between doors. You've inspired me to get mine out. Friday's 6 more inches of snow storm dampened my spirits.maybe if I hang my basket Spring weather will come!

  13. The basket and the decorations are perfect, and I couldn't help noticing that the door is really beautiful too!
    Your morning sky photo is gorgeous! Thank you!

  14. That IS a pretty pastel sky. I'm starting to think about Easter too.

  15. Hi Liz, you designed a wonderful basket decoration for your door. It's like it was made for your door too. Love how you added the eggs.
    Happy Spring. CM

  16. What a wonderful decoration, inspired by the spring sky!
    Have a nice new week

  17. What a great find, and how much fun you will have through the different seasons. Have a beautiful spring filled week x

  18. Hello Liz
    We have a storm door before our main door too and your skinny basket is the perfect door decoration.
    You have created a beautiful Easter/Spring display with the pastel eggs, blossom and the best of Spring flowers!
    I've got a narrow wire basket I can paint and do something with - you've inspired me - thank you Liz you're brilliant! I'll let you know if it works!
    Happy Spring days!
    Shane x

  19. I am looking to Easter for maybe finally having our snow melting....what a wonderful door arrangement.

  20. The colours of the sky are beautiful, Liz. I also like your creative springtime door decoration. It will be fun to change out for the various seasons!



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