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March 3, 2015

Birthday Weekend for Sis!

We had a fast and busy visit downstate for my sister's 60th Birthday this past weekend.

I ordered plates from Zazzle.com
She likes peacocks so I chose these and had them personalized.

I also had this cake made- it was decorated with an ombre look, light purple to dark.  Inside was a white cake with strawberry mousse filling, topped with a butter cream frosting.  The numbers were edible too!  

The candle votives, candle a glass filler were from Hobby Lobby.  The peacock gift box designed like a Chinese take home box was from Pier 1- at first I was going to put a gift card in it, but changed my plans so I bought a flowering plant to set in it instead!  I put foil around the plant so it wouldn't stain the box in case she had ideas to use it later. 

Before we had the little get together at my Mom's house we went to a local Italian restaurant that we all love.  I had a chicken parmigiana that was heavenly!

My mom (92 yrs. old) and Sis the birthday girl!

I also had punch, cheese and crackers, as well as candy dishes with a mix of nuts, raisins and m & m's.  I opted to keep this simple using a plastic tablecloth (which gave me the gold I wanted), paper napkins and cups (which gave me more of the colors from the plates).  I brought everything down to do this, except the cake that I picked up at the bakery Saturday morning.  The cups shouldn't have been there- since they were for the punch.  I was rushing too much!

We've celebrated a lot of birthday's at this table!

We all sang the usual "Happy Birthday to you" and she blew out the candle!

The cake was a big hit- sorry about the half eaten piece!

A few of the cards

Part Two
On Sunday we were invited to another party her daughter hosted.  Perhaps some of you have heard of this "Painting With a Twist"?  She selected a picture she thought we could all do which you can kind of see on the wall in blue there.  I didn't really think I'd like doing this but it turned out to be great fun.  

We toasted her with a drink of moscato and of course she cried so we did too!   LOL...  Her daughter came down with the flu a few days before so she wore a mask (just left of Jen there).  Poor thing!

We all got down to some serious painting (lol).  This is my grand-niece Audra.  

Mine as I worked at it.  We first applied our own mix of blue for the background, then darkened the edges.  It's supposed to be a spent dandelion that's ready to blow away.  I added some more lines and dots after this but as you can see I'm no artist!  The name of the picture was "Make a Wish"
 My sister Jen (up front and her daughter to the left).   I'm at the very back row left side with my sisters.  First Donna, then me (holding the picture up by my face) and then Sherry  (shortest).  It was fun to see the different versions we created.  Some added purple to theirs and her daughter went with a grayish tone and yellows.  All in all it was fun! 

Happy Birthday sis!

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  1. What a fun party! Soooooo much fun. Happy 60 to your sis.

  2. What fun, Liz! You really went all out for your sister! So lovely! Love the personalized plates! And the cake was absolutely beautiful! My colors! My mouth was watering from your yummy picture and description! Your family knows how to really have a wonderful time together. The love shows through!

  3. Wow liz, isn't family time the best?!!
    I love the cake what a pretty job they did with the ombré coloring! And that chicken must of been delish. So glad your mom could be there to see her little girl turn 60!

  4. Ah, happy birthday to your sister! Painting With a Twist sounds fun!

  5. How fun Liz! That cake is gorgeous and those special plates are so fun. Your chicken does look delicious. I have never heard of a party where you paint. Looks like you had lots of fun! I'm sure your sis loved it!

  6. What a great party and I love the theme, peacocks. The cake is so pretty. what a good sister you are.
    The painting party looks like fun to me. Being creative together.

  7. Hi Liz, what a great party for your sister on her special day. We share the same bday on the 28th. I never meet too many with that day so it was fun to read your post and see her celebration.
    The cake looks fabulous and I can imagine how good it was. Everything you did was so special and the painting day (we have that here too) looks like so much fun. Love how your painting turned out. Have it framed and enjoy it in your home. Happy Birthday to your sister!!
    Thanks for stopping by while I've been gone.

  8. Hi Liz, what a great party for your sister on her special day. We share the same bday on the 28th. I never meet too many with that day so it was fun to read your post and see her celebration.
    The cake looks fabulous and I can imagine how good it was. Everything you did was so special and the painting day (we have that here too) looks like so much fun. Love how your painting turned out. Have it framed and enjoy it in your home. Happy Birthday to your sister!!
    Thanks for stopping by while I've been gone.

  9. Liz everything looks amazing, it looks like the family had a great time together. That's what life is all about, relationships and love. Thank you for sharing. Jo

  10. You're no artist? Well, young lady, I beg to differ! Your painting turned out grrrrrrrrreat! Seriously...you need to find a space for that in your house. Maybe in the kitchen area over there where you v
    Have that cool blue vase? I think it's really good. And the bonus is that you ended up enjoying yourself!

    It was so nice of you to host the dessert party after dinner. You know I like those peacocks!

    Your chicken parmigiana looks so good ! I'm sitting here awaiting my lunch right now, and I would happily trade you!

    Happy birthday to Jen!!!

  11. Hi Liz! Happy Birthday to our sister! And look at our little mom! She's darling and she looks great! Such a blessing to still have her with you. Now the birthday celebration looks so fun and I love your dandelion art! You had a great time I just know it. Well, about the snow, it's still so pretty but when I get out my feet and hands just freeze. I need to buy the correct type of boot and socks I think. I'll learn.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  12. This is one party that went on and on and on, Liz! It must've been so much fun for your sister to be celebrated in so many ways!! Your table was so personalized for her...that must've made her feel so good! You're a sweet sister, that's for sure! Thanks for your visit and sweet comments about my Peter Rabbit birthday party post and for following me. I'm following right back! :) ~Zuni

  13. My niece did that painting with a twist. This is beautiful. It kind of reminds me of an abstract peacock too! Maybe you placed that thought in my brain. How lovely to have your mother there. That is amazing. Your cake is fabulous! That one has been on my list to try. Don't apologize about the half eaten cake. I food photography class I took says that is great - shows motion and reality! Plus I just wanted a bite!
    Love the personalized plates too. Where did you order them from?

  14. Oh how fun! My daughter has been wanting to do that but just have not had time. Your paintings all turned out very good. The cake is so pretty and looks delicious. Beautiful personalized plates! Happy birthday to your sister!...Christine

  15. Liz, what fun! Your family certainly gave your sister a send-off to the decade of the 60s! Your mother looks amazing. How fortunate you are to have her with you. Also, I think you have an artist in you hiding somewhere. Your painting was wonderful. Please tell your sister I said, "Happy Birthday" (a little late) for me!

  16. Looks like such a fun time of celibrating! I love the ombre cake and personalized plates and the painting party looks like fun! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment!

  17. What a great way to celebrate!!!! I LOVE those personalized plates, I should look into that since you know how much I love to plan parties?! And that painting class, wow, I didn't know you could paint that well!!!! I wonder where you will display that beauty! Audra is so cute and Bless your mother! Glad she got to enjoy with you ladies! Belated happy birthday to your sister!

  18. What a beautiful celebration! I love the cake and those plates. Great idea to personalize them! What a fun idea to do a painting party. I know I few people who have done them recently and it looks like so much fun. Happy Birthday to your sister! Cheers!

  19. Liz, what a fun and creative way to celebrate your sister's 60th birthday! Happy Birthday to her! From the pretty cake to the art class and tasty dinner out, everyone must have had a lovely time. Enjoyed seeing these candid shots of the lovely weekend. Thanks for sharing!


  20. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. How fun are those paintings!!?

  21. What fun, Liz! Those painting parties are always so fun. Where will you hang your painting? I love the blues. Thanks for sharing your sister's parties and family fun. What a blessing to still have your mom with you, too!

  22. What a fun b'day weekend for your sister. Those peacock plates are so pretty, and how neat that they are personalized. The unique b'day cake looks pretty and delicious. I love the idea of the painting class for the party, and your painting looks great. I'm impressed.


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