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August 8, 2014

Evening Stroll Continued...

Here area a few more pictures from my evening stroll the other day…
 In the evening when the sun shines over the roof of the house the bright pink impatiens seem to glow.

 These Gartenmeister Fuchsia's are like small shrubs

 This is a riot of Astilbe and Hosta blooms.  I say it every year, but I'll say it again I leave the Hosta flowers to bloom so the hummingbirds have plenty to drink from!

 These Astilbes are slow to bloom- very short too!

 My PeeGee Hydrangea- doesn't amount to much here- not enough sun

 It will be blooming about 8 flowers this year
I'm thinking of moving it- needs more sun

 Surprise surprise
 My miniature lilac topiary tree is blooming again!  Just a small bunch but a neat surprise!

 A small random cluster out back on a path that leads behind the host hill

 The Astrantia has bloomed a long time!

 She's always pleasant!

 These fuchsias are so hot the blur on my lens!

 The Sunday Glove lilies have been blooming away.  
They all are growing towards the west- sun seekers!

 These Annabelle hydrangeas are the size of a plate! The bees have been all over them and I even got stung last week because I was staking a few of the branches that had fallen over.

 The last of my pink lilies blooming

 My bird choir…gifts from the kids a while back. 

 I thinned out the ornamental grasses a couple of weeks ago.  

 I picked up a couple of new plants at Lowe's.  

These balloon flowers are the neatest!  
These are a super pale pink

Love to look at all the blooms.  It's fun to see the parade of flowers each year!



  1. Liz, Your gardens are beautiful. I love all the different things you have planted. The little birds are adorable. I like coming upon a surprise in the gardens. Blessings for a great weekend, xoxo,Susie

  2. Your gardens are so beautiful, Liz! Your hostas look great - we let ours flower too. Some of the hosta blooms are quite fragrant. I like 'Sunday Gloves' daylily too. Mine has just about completed blooming. I think it might be a rebloomer, though. Enjoyed the tour, Liz. Wish I could see your garden in person!!!
    Hugs, Beth

  3. I so enjoyed the evening stroll and your gardens. Just lovely, love that annabelle, I so need to get one! I let our hosta's flower, they are so pretty and fragnant. The birds are adorable! Thanks for stopping by and liking my kitchen vintage dish and cabinet! Connected with GF

  4. Liz, always enjoy a stroll thru your garden! Everything is gorgeous as usual!! My astilbes are through blooming, but I have a few new Aug. blooms. We have had rain 4 days this week and the garden is loving it!

  5. You have lots of flowers nice to see this time of the year for us down in the southern hemi.

  6. You have a lovely garden. I particularly like the first photo. It looks like a very nice place to sit and enjoy the loveliness around your garden.

  7. I love your gardens and little treasures throughout....those pale pink balloon flowers are a treasure. I have blue ones.

  8. I just love your garden. It looks like a place that I would have trouble leaving. Thanks for the stroll.

  9. Lovely shots. Your Pee Gee might not be doing much but your Annabelle sure is. Those are huge blooms. The majority of the paniculata's do need more sun I think.

  10. I enjoyed the stroll in your garden so much and you have so many lovely flowers. Thank you.

  11. All your photos are so, so pretty! It would be so much fun to walk your garden in person.


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