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August 15, 2014

This Week's Rambling #8

This has been some week hasn't it! 

Source- Poppy View
 Starting early with the devastating news about Robin Williams which I know all of us were shaken by.  I've never experienced such an outpouring of emotion over any celebrity before.  I saw so many wonderful tributes to him and this picture was one that captured my heart.  
RIP Robin you are already missed.

The very next day we lost Lauren Bacall one of the famous actors of "Golden Era" of Hollywood.  I hope she's with Bogie again...

The next morning I was getting ready for a hair appointment and I heard this huge crash/crack sound.  I bolted to the window and saw that a large branch had fallen and landed back on the patio near the water fountain.  
It came down like a spear and hit so hard it moved some flagstones out of their spot.  The piece in the lower left is what struck first and broke away and slid down the flagstones. All the bark exploded from the end and was scattered all over.  A little damage to the ferns and flowers but thank God no one was outside when it happened.  It had been raining through the night and still was and a lot of small branches and leaves had come down. It must have been very high up because the sound of it hitting was quite shocking!

I finally got an idea put together with this rug.  You can read the post on the link above.

I added a little animal print to my living room, you can also read about that in the above link.

Dan and I spent a couple of late afternoon/evenings moving a few things around downstairs in the storage area which included relocating our 2nd refrigerator.  We also moved a very heavy wood unit that we built 30 years ago that houses out extensive LP collection (records).  We never got rid of any of them and he still likes to spin one here and there!  The last shelving unit got put in place and now I have one small grouping of things to finish and put on the shelves and I'm finally done with that project! 

A collage of my Teddy boy
This guy knows how to sleep!  I have another bed I put on the sofa in the evenings and he likes to curl up next to me with his blankie!  He likes his belly rubbed too!  Yes I'm spoiling him!

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  1. Yes, it has been a tragic week. Losing two icons is heartbreaking. So many special talents. Wonderful gift of bringing us joy and laughter through their movies. RIP to both of these very talented people. Great idea with your mini rug and candlesticks. You never know when we start experimenting. So sorry to hear about the tree branch. They can create some damage. You left us with a bright spot by showing your kitties. Adorable.....

  2. Soooo scary! I too am glad no one was on the patio. Have a great Friday!

  3. Liz, it has been a sad week. The news of Robin Williams was such a shock. We lost two greats this week. I'm so glad that large limb didn't land on the fountain! I know how scary that sound is. When we had our giant ice storm several years ago, we lost power so there was nothing making any noise, I could hear large limbs crashing in our yard and in neighbor's yards. Very scary. Just glad you didn't have more damage. Can't wait to see what you've done with all of your furniture moving. Sounds like you should have a back ache. laurie

  4. I got so involved in the falling tree limbs, forgot to say that your cat is beautiful, and he does look like he has a comfortable life. laurie

  5. Oh I'm jealous, wish I could sleep like that.

    So sorry about the branch! I'm glad it's going to be okay.

    Robin was a favorite of mine. It makes me sad this could not have been prevented. Sigh.

  6. Yup, it has been a sad week on many fronts, your kitties do warm the heart though. I was up in your neck of the woods this week on a getaway and so enjoyed the peace and beauty of the area. My first little getaway since Bruce went into the hospital. It was a perfect place for me to be.

  7. So glad nobody was hurt from that fallen branch, Liz. take care!...Christine

  8. An eventful week for sure! I'm glad there wasn't more damage done in the wake of that fallen branch. That could have been disastrous given the number of beautiful things in that area.

    Lauren Bacall and Robin Williams all in one week. So sad! Wouldn't we all have liked to look like Lauren? Gosh, she was beautiful!!!!!

    Glad you're having a ball with Teddy! Spoil on!!!

  9. Hi Liz,

    Isn't that painting something else? I had been searching for a painting to fit in with my theme of paintings/posters for that post, and was lucky to have tracked it down. Indeed, it has been a very sad week, but it doesn't look like your furry friend has lost any sleep over it!;))

    Hope you have a nice weekend!


  10. I'm glad that tree branch did cause more damage to your home. That sounds like a frightening experience. Love your leopard print pillow--it looks great on your sofa with the other pillows. Fun pics of Teddy--he looks adorable. Is he a Siamese? I am missing my two Himalayans who are no longer with me. Someday I hope to have another kitty or two around the house. Happy Weekend!


  11. I remember how shocked I was when I learned about Robin's death too. I couldn't believe it! Now all of the tributes to him have made me miss him more. I guess we still get to look forward to some movies that he was in that haven't been released yet. So sorry to hear about your property damage from that large branch. Luckily it didn't fall on your house! I get nervous when we have storms around us because of so many trees close to our house. Let's hope next week goes better right?


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