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August 19, 2014

Rainy Morning Pics

This morning I decided to pop out early and take a few pictures of my hydrangeas. It rained all night and I think the colors look richer after a rain.

I added fertilizer that's for hydrangeas hoping to see more blue but I seem to end up with pink for the most part.    The limelights are just starting to bloom.

Little wispy touches of soft lilac and variations of pink

Just to the other side is my Cityline Paris hydrangea.  So far I only get a few blooms each year but I keep hoping for a full pop of color one of these years!  This stays compact and doesn't need any trimming.

A close-up of the flowers that are starting to 0pen up

While visiting my mom a few weeks back I noticed this gazing ball in the garage.  She told me to take it so I did and I like how it reflects things around it.  

I also spotted this rusted rooster in the garage which I couldn't resist.  

Nearby are the Annnabelle hydrangeas which are a mix of new to old blooms.  I should cut some to save!

I removed the orange lilies and put in the new lily that I posted about the other day.

It's just loaded with flowers- I look forward to seeing this come up each year.  

One of my favorite views looking up the steps from the driveway at the hydrangeas.  
(oops I forgot to remove the grass I pulled!)

Just over a week ago I noticed a bad case of powdery mildew on my begonias.  We had a lot of cool nights and they just didn't dry out well enough.  I cut them back severely and they were treated to try to stop the mildew from continuing.  I'm seeing new leaves so hopefully they will recover quickly and start to bloom again.  Time to fertilize again.

This one didn't show signs of the mildew but I treated it anyway. 

Down below is my favorite double impatiens plant.  I love the delicate pink color.

Well it's raining again so I'm heading back in!

I'm joining Fishtail Cottage for
Tuesday's Garden Party


  1. Liz, Your gardens are so pretty !! I love all your flowers. The Cityline paris hydrangea looks like one I have I do not know what it is called...it's very pink. This year it stayed so small and only 3 bloom heads. Wishing you a great day. We are in for some rain soon. xoxo,Susie

  2. wonderful, the gazing ball has a nice effect

  3. Liz I adore your gardens and especially those hydrangeas...

  4. I love to look at other peoples gardens. The hydrangeas look lovely. Mine are still small yet, this is their 3rd year. Slow progress but they are beautiful. I suppose when they get bigger then I will have to move them.
    Love your garden and the special little touches that make it interesting

  5. Your hydrangeas are still very beautiful, here they were very early this year and now they look like autumn. The gazing ball is a real gain for your garden, I like it.

  6. Liz girl your gardens are so beautiful .. I really mean that! .. The colour of your hydrangea is more a soil influence than fertilizer .. the ph of your soil is alkaline giving it a pink colour .. if you add an element to make it more acidic it should turn to the blue hues.
    I laughed when you went oops about the pulled grass in the picture .. I do that too!
    You scored with the gazing ball and rooster ... they are both great objects in your garden.
    Sorry about the chipmunks and the Fairy garden problems .. things like that can drive you crazy but hard to control eh ? haha
    I have a Cityline too that I have been waiting for ages to bloom ... but at least it does stay a nice small size anyways.
    Take care !
    Joy : )

  7. Hi Liz, I am always inspired by your garden and the details. Everything still looks so lush and green. Your flowers are beautiful. My hydrangeas are the same color so I guess I need to add some acid to the ground. Last year I had blues and white but only pinks this season. Not many blooms here but the green is gorgeous and tall. Love the gazing ball and rooster. I have both in my garden too.
    Wishing you a great evening.

  8. Beautiful hydrangeas...I really love the limelight..can't wait until mine is that big!
    Miss Bloomers

  9. two questions: have you tried lime on your hydrangea? What is the name of your lily. I am looking for the very fragrant lilies that grow tall. Thank you for a tour of your lovely garden in bloom.

  10. Hi Liz,

    I've never grown hydrangeas, although I've heard they do well in a Mediterranean, climate, even though I haven't seen too many of them around, but yours, in all their colours, are lovely! I love begonias but have never had any luck with them - ever, and I've given them many many chances to make up for their naughty behaviour! All your flowers are beautiful, but those cotton candy impatiens stole my heart!



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