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June 30, 2014

Transformers and "Deckorating"

I heard this morning that the new Transformers movie opened up with over $100 million at the box office! Well my "transformer" trike won't earn me any big bucks like that, but my "Lit'l Blue" garden trike is now "Litl' Yellow"! 

 Here she is moments after painting!

I feel kind of dumb since just last week I posted about transforming the trike to blue.  After living with it for several days I knew I it wasn't right.  It was too strong of a blue and didn't flow well with the coloring of my things.  I was going to try softer blue color, but I had this can of yellow spray paint that had been barely used and I loved the color so I decided to let go of the blue and transform my trike into yellow!

 We've had a lot of rain lately and are expecting more.  The sun came out as thought to "wink" at me as I brought this out from the garage to put back on the deck.

 The lantern is from T.J. Maxx about 2 years ago.  It has a battery operated candle.   There was nothing that indicated it was for outdoors, but I went ahead and put it outside last year.  It got rained on many times and there was standing water inside the candle more than once, and yet it always worked, so I guess it was intended to be an outdoor lantern! 

I also played around with my two planter stands that flank my back door.
  I had Dan paint these stands last year. The idea was for them to look like unfinished steel. 
(Still haven't re-stained this area of the deck. It get's a lot of wear and tear during the winter months as we have to shovel the snow and ice away almost daily.)
 Last year these planters were my inspiration for both the color and planting.  I liked the kind of raw metal look these had and they gave me the idea of planting the top of mine stands with the coco liners.  I loved the idea of the moss they used, but my practical side chose the coco liners.

 Last years presentation... I tried to make it look collected. 

  The swan is "floating" around somewhere and the trays that you can barely see here have been painted a new color and are in use somewhere else! 

 I decided to try a new approach for the lower shelf.  I found some cute things at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.  My little rose decorated pots came from Pennsylvania on one of our visits a few years ago. 

 I'm pretty sure they are made of a resin product so they should be able to withstand the the outdoor elements.  I have to get some flameless candles that are safe for outdoors to put in the cutwork lanterns.
 I picked up three birds so I divided them between the two planters.  The tall clay vase I've had for a few years (another T.J. Maxx find).  

So that's my "deckorating" for now!

I'll put together some pictures of the whole deck in another post.

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  1. The yellow gives your deck a nice soft pop of color! I think it enhances the colors of your lovely flowers! All are so pretty! You have such a green thumb!!!!

  2. I like the new pretty yellow color on your tricycle planter. I'm like that too about color. If it's not the right shade, I can't rest! LOL! Your planters are pretty on your back deck. I never thought about using green moss to line them in instead of coco. I'll have to keep that in mind for mine sometime. Coco can be hard to find in the right size. Green moss can be formed to the sides of the planter instead and can be found at stores fairly easily. We went to see the new Transformers movie this weekend. It as good!

  3. Hi Liz, that's the ease of Deckorating!! It's only paint and can be changed if it's not working. I can't tell you how many times I have repainted after living with a certain color for awhile then realizing, it wasn't right. Love your little trike in yellow. It just goes with everything. Your planters by the door are wonderful. Love how you styled the bottom shelf. I use faux flameless candles everywhere too and love the ones on timers. Flamelesscandles.net or candleimpressions.com have the outdoor candles too.
    Your DECK is gorgeous!

  4. Liz, it all looks great, and I like the yellow trike. xo

  5. "Deckorating." That's cute! I like it! I also like the new color on the tricycle. I liked the bright blue, too, but I can see what a difference in the color makes to the look on your deck. Thank goodness for spray paint, huh? And it's a good thing that you DID post it in blue last week so you have record of it that way, too, for future reference. Who knows...you may want to go back to blue someday. Or maybe go bright red! Who knows? :-)

    You've got a LOT of space out there on your deck! LUCKY!!!

    We're supposed to shovel the snow off the deck? Oops! Didn't know that! I've never done it!

    I love those planters flanking the sliding doors. Dan did a great job of painting them. The color and patina really resembles that of the photo you showed. I've never really understood how to fix up planters like that with the moss or coco liners. Do you just line them with that and then set in plants that are in pots or do you put soil in there and plant the flowers in the soil? You can tell I've never done this before!!! :-)


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