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June 16, 2014

Pathway Fairy Garden

I've been working on a new fairy garden.

 This is the area I've taken over for my new fairy garden.  Last year i had placed this large granite stone at the corner of the pathway to the patio and added a few sedum plants.  This past winter was so harsh that my boxwoods you see on the left were bascially ruined so I removed them.

As you can see the little sedum lants have grown a lot.
I still have my other fairy garden, but it's a little ways out back and this one I can view from the deck and my kitchen window. 

The inspiration for this garden came from this cottage styled house I found at a garden center.  I've layered in some stones, more plants, mushrooms and accents.

I wanted a little more color so a few pieces I already owned were updated.  That little tiny bird bath actually got visited by a robin the other day.  Too funny to see her sipping water from it!

To the left is this partial tree stump I  brought in.  I noticed it on our wood pile out back and liked the texture and movement in the piece.  I got this idea to put the little dining set up on top but knew it was going to fall off easily, especially with wind or when the chipmunks and squirrels visit, so staples were added to keep it from being knocked off.  Of course this will all look so much more interesting later this summer when the plants have expanded.

The stump even has dried mushrooms on it, which I thought was quite perfect for my fairy garden.

In the forefront is this cute little foot bridge.
I'm still forming ideas for it...

Behind the cottage house are some Irish Moss I added.  It likes shade so I gave it a home in the back to protect it.  I hope it really takes off and fills in.

 I added a couple of mushrooms and flowers.  I also took come cuttings from the sedum and look forward to seeing it spread. (You can see one of them on the lower left)

To the right of the cottage is this arbor where Julia my little garden fairy works to keep things growing!  We had a good rain last night and I jumped out early to take some pictures before it all dried.

 You may have noticed the "rock" wall I added.  I decided to create a border around the fairy garden.  Judia's sister's are here to greet you and guide you on a tour through the garden.

This is one of my favorite things...I half buried this clay pot and planted some Virginia Creeper next to it.  I hope the Virginia Creeper will be hardy enough to come back.  In warmer climates I guess it can be quite prolific!

I'm having fun with it and I hope you enjoyed it too!  

I'm joining 
Fishtail Garden for 2014 Garden Party #7



  1. Your fairy garden looks so pretty. The little dining set on the tree stumb is so special, love the little butterfly chairs.

  2. Oh it's just so sweet Liz. The stump is perfect and I love the mushrooms growing on it! The Sedums and Moss will really take off and give it that fairy forest look. I just redid my fairy garden in my old wheelbarrow and then made one in a large birdcage. I'll be sharing the new birdcage one soon. They are just fun to create and the grands love them. I love how yours turned out!

  3. That is one cute little fairy garden.

  4. Just left you a comment on your other blog. I LOVE it, Liz!!!!! xo Diana

  5. Now that is a garden that a faery would be proud to live in. Just beatufiul.

  6. Now that is a garden that a faery would be proud to live in. Just beatufiul.

  7. Too stinkin' cute. I love it!

  8. You're fairy garden is adorable. Love the little cottage house in it and it's the perfect setting of what all you put together with it.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  9. Liz girl this is utterly amazing ! You are so creative ... this is I guess the cutest way for big girls to play with dolls and all the accessories . Everything fits in wonderfully as if it should have been there all the time.
    I am laughing about the robin having a sip of water out of the tiny bird bath .. too funny !
    This is just so sweet !
    Joy : )

  10. I love your fairy garden, Liz! Stunning!

  11. Dear Liz,

    First of all, thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog and for appreciative words on my garden. I am pleased to read that you enjoye the pictures!
    Your fairy garden really is so sweet!
    Happy gardening!
    Warm wishes from Germany

  12. I made a small fairy garden with my granddaughter in a wagon. I have another one in my main garden but that one needs work, I could not believe how expensive the things I bought were. I got a house and some plants and little knick knacks. Phew. From now on they better be found items, Yours is adorable

  13. What an adorable fairy garden. I'm visiting fro Cottage Garden Party.

  14. This is adorable! I showed my little girl and she gasped and said "how does this happen?!?" I sens a fairy garden in our future...

  15. I do not have the patience to work with these small gardens but I do love them so much and admire folks like yourself who create such beauty and fantasy!!

  16. Love your fairy garden! Lots of cute ideas! I have the same fairies. Just wish they didn't fade in the sunlight!

  17. Love your delightful fairy garden, so creative! I have a small one in a container this year but maybe soon I will follow your example and go for something larger!

  18. After viewing the gentleman up in your tree I hopped on over and read about the unfortunate demise of that huge old tree. I looked up fairy gardens and saw this post. I love fairy gardens! I love the stump with the dining table and chairs on top. Your little fairy garden is delightful. I will be using some of your design ideas when I am starting to plant around the tree in the island in the back yard, I hope to have a fairy village after everything if finished.


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