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June 11, 2014

Iris and Rainy Day Pictures

My first Dutch Iris blooms!
This purple one was a new one I brought in last summer.  I'm pleased that it doubled up in size already!

These will be orange.  I moved the columbine plant to the corner of the deck and steps.  It was nice to have it as a surprise in the garden but the location wasn't where I'd have planted it.

I saw these at Lowe's and couldn't leave without a couple of them.  All the other lilies in this garden are some form of pink and I think these will look pretty with them.  It will take until next year for them to be in sink with the pink ones and hopefully bloom at the same time.

I added some Yellow Dutch Iris that are just in front of the little girl statue. I hope next year all three of the Iris will bloom at the same time.  Some Alyssum has made it's way down to the edge from last year which is fine with me! It should be blooming before long.

I relocated this Autumn Joy Sedum to make room for one of those new Dutch Iris.

I love this Dwarf Nikko Deutzia.  It's taken it a lot longer than I expected to fill out but it's finally looking nice and I love the pretty white flowers.  

Looking up the steps you can see my hydrangeas are coming along nicely.  My garden mascot the flying pig is posted on the corner.  I have a thing for flying pigs- it's all about optimism!

The purple supertunias are starting to branch out- I hope it turns into something great before long!  Our weather has been moderate- we need warmer temps to boost things along more.

The plants are all encroaching on the pathway, but that's okay I like it.  I'll trim up the Goldflame Spiraea's (Spirea) after they bloom.  The topiary lilac is blooming but the flowers are mostly hidden by the tree's new growth.  I'm debating on whether I'm going to keep it here.  It needs more sun.

They smell heavenly!

I moved the dove statue over here a few weeks back.  In the past it has sat on the pedestal where the flying pig is right now.  

Everything is looking healthy.  These have gotten much larger - I should consider splitting them because before long it will look like one large plant instead of two.  These are called Blazing Saddles and they're working their way into my Captain Kirk that you can barely see between them and the little tree.

So far this is growing great.  I gave all the annuals a shot of liquid fertilizer yesterday.

 Turning around from that planter- a view to the fountain.

A view a couple of days ago in the early morning...  

Dan got a chance to clean up the patio last weekend.  We had an overgrowth of weeds and grass coming up.  The stuff we put in for grout is brushed in and wasn't supposed to grow anything, but moss came all by itself and eventually little bits of grass and weeds.

I love how the Creeping Jenny grows around things.   I got the garden bench last year from a local place that has their own molds and produces lots of cement objects like these.  The little pedestal and planters next to it came from there some years ago.

Dan got the fountain running this past weekend too.  The pump needed some TLC to get it to work this year so we're on the hunt for a new one.

The planters are filling out nicely.
The hostas the frame the outer ring are called Bright Lights.  The year we put in the fountain I started when they were barely out of the ground, dug them and split them and spread them around the outer ring.  I was so happy how well they grew even that year and they've been getting bigger each year.  They don't seem to be bothered by slugs either, so that's a good thing.  

The Hosta hill has come alive!

Another view of the same area with the morning sun a couple of days back…

The Siberian Iris are just starting to bloom here too.  

I dug out these plant stands and potted up some remaining impatiens into these rusty buckets.  They're really crusty inside so I put a plastic bag in there with a few holes  in the bottom in hopes that it will slow down the process of their demise.

A quick shot of my first fairy garden.  I haven't done a thing with it since last year except to pull out some little tree starters that were growing.  I put in some Dwarf Solomon's Seal last year and they've come up nicely.  Cute plant- I'm glad I discovered them- you can spot them next to the wood stump and in a few more spots.  I'm going to straighten up the stones and I may steal the little copper fence and put it over with my new fairy garden and the little bridge.
I've been working on the other garden but I'll show you that another time.

I'm joining
Fishtail Cottage for
2014 Cottage Garden Party



  1. I really enjoyed seeing your garden, scrolling up and down. The view to your fountain with the trees on the background is amazing, I also saw so many beautiful Hostas without holes of slugs and not to forget the first picture of that blue and white striped Iris, a real beauty.

  2. I could spend an hour just looking at your pictures here, Liz. Your garden is just so gorgeous. How many years have you been working at it? It is phenomenal! The layout is fantastic and you really have an eye for putting things together. That new Iris is beautiful, too.

    I did get a reply off to you earlier...hope you got it- xo Diana

  3. Liz, Your garden is what everyone dreams of having. My mom would have loved that beautiful iris.
    Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  4. Liz, I adore your gardens! Lovely! The area of the fountain, the hosta area, the bed just off the deck - beautifully laid out and planted. Enjoy your summer!

  5. Your gardens are a delight for the eyes, thank you :)
    How lucky you are two have such a beautiful garden!
    Your iris from the Netherlands is gorgeous and I love your places with hosta and garden design! Looking forward to my Iris blooms. Maybe next week!

    Eva Jorunn Norway

  6. what a beautiful garden oasis you have! I love it all :) I am going to try a fairy garden with my granddaughters this year --they have already have painted their lady bug rocks for it. thanks for visiting my blog too--hope to see more of your posts too!

  7. Liz, I wish I had you here to show me how to pull a garden like yours together! You just know how to pull everything together so beautifully. Love the fairy garden! That would be perfect under the live oak tree in my backyard. Everything is coming along beautifully there.

  8. Liz girl what can I say ... your gardens are so BEAUTIFUL and to be surrounded by woods like that is wonderful. I can foresee having the flagstone down on the paths and how wonderful it will be for us .. I have a glitter gazing ball and stand I haven't even gotten out in that garden yet for 4 years or more .. just waiting to have it more? finished before I do that.
    Love the planters .. Fairy Garden ... everything you have done is so pretty !
    What a gorgeous place to have a morning coffee in : )

  9. Your garden is looking soooo beautiful! We're home from our vacation and I'm attempting to catch up on blog reading. June definitely agrees with your yard!

  10. Hi Liz, your garden is so gorgeous and I tell ya, I can see your plantings growing with each post. You sure have a talent and eye for placement of your blooms. It is all just stunning and should be featured in a garden magazine!!

  11. Things are growing like crazy for you there. All the photos everything looks lovely and growth really does look good.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  12. oh my gosh...that first iris is stunning! Would love to find one of those for my gardens....everything about your gardens is just gorgeous! that patio is still a favorite! Appreciate you linking up this post to Fishtail Cottage's garden party this week! oxox

  13. Beautiful tour! We have some of the same garden art! I would love for you to share it at the Home Sweet Garden Party!

    See the post here ---->>>http://creativecountrymom.blogspot.com/2014/06/home-sweet-garden-party-610.html


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