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November 4, 2013

Painted Progress

As I posted about last Monday (here) I had torn apart my living room to get it ready for painting.  Wednesday was the big day and I couldn't be happier.
  Karen and her dad Greg have painted for us on  various occasions and we didn't feel up to the task of this room with the higher walls and ceiling.  You can see the old color next to the new color in this shot.

 They make it seem so darn easy and they were in and out in one day with two coats on the walls and one fresh coat on the ceiling.

 The sun came out mid day and brightened the room right up.
 As the day progressed I took pictures, excited to see the new color and to be sure I had chosen wisely.

 All our windows in the room have the Hunter Douglas duette honeycomb shades that are called Top Down/Bottom Up.  These are 17 yrs. old and still going strong.  Most often I have them lowered to the half point because we are close to a busy road and you can see in too easily.  They offer a lot of thermal assistance especially in the winter when we are heating our home.

 I slid the furniture back in place after they were gone but then of course I decided I had to change the layout of the furniture... go figure!  It's not like either of the above pictures at this point but I'm waiting to show you that for another time.

 The holes where the pictures had been hung were preserved so we didn't have to redo them.

I waited since June to do this, and I had saved money from our garage sale to pay for it.  It's been burning a hole in my wallet for a long time!
Finally it's done!

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  1. I know you are enjoying the new freshened up look!! It looks wonderful. Can't wait to see your progress in this beautiful room!

  2. Oh Liz, it looks beautiful. I wish I lived closer to you, instead of way down here in southern Michigan, cuz I'd use your painters! I just don't feel comfortable climbing ladders and painting like I used to (after a couple of injuries, it makes you think)...and I still need several rooms painted. {I'm sending you a private email, too}

  3. It's beautiful.
    I held my breath hoping you'd hang the same picture above the fireplace.
    I see now you did, I can stop holding my breath.
    Good thing I don't live closer I might have to come sit and stare at it.

    Linda C in Seattle

  4. The new paint color looks wonderful. I love the shape of your space and the location of the windows and the fireplace. 17 years for blinds is really saying something big!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  5. Liz,
    Guess what "Mr. Ed" is doing at right this very minute???
    The guest room is getting a fresh new hue and coat of paint!!!
    It is l o n g overdue!!!
    I adore the lighter shade you've chosen for your living room, dear friend!!!
    Our upper living room here on our side of the Prairie is also a yellow (golden) hue!!!
    Still warm and inviting, especially in the photo with the sunlight streaming through!!!
    The print above the mantle is elegant!!!
    I'll be back to see the final re~arrange,soon!!!

  6. Absolutely love the lighter color. I bet you are so happy with the results..The arched windows looks great too.

  7. I so love the new paint color...I can relate to the re-arranging of the furniture...when something refreshes a room, I always feel the need to move things around...Looking forward to seeing what you have done...

  8. Oh, I love the color it just brightened up the room! It is well worth hiring painters..that's what we did also!


  9. Pretty room looks even prettier with the new paint job. Love those arched windows!

  10. It looks great,Liz! You did a wonderful job picking the color. Nothing like a fresh coat of paint to energize change and renewal.

  11. I really like how the room turned out and I would rearrange the furniture too. When something gets redone I find the need to rearrange things too an't wait to see what you came up with!!!


  12. Hi lovely lady.
    Looks like you all did a lot of work on this room looks Beautiful with the new paint. I also need to do some painting in my house it's been 12 years now. I hope you have a wonderful week with family, did you see my new Tablescape for fall ~

  13. I love the updated color Liz. It's a beautiful room.


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