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August 6, 2013

The move.....

Last week we helped our daughter move to her 
new rental home.  We packed up some of the 
things from our home in the van and on our trailer.
She lives about 180 miles south of us.   

Spring 2012
When she was in junior high we bought her a new bedroom outfit.  I told her someday when she was ready she could have it in her own place and so it seemed the time had come.

This was the dining and the bedroom (below) last week before the move.
Notice the large armoire in this room.

 The armoire doesn't look so big in this room!
These must be 12 ft. ceilings. 
She decided to use it for a tv cabinet instead of
putting it in her bedroom.

This is the living room (before the armoire was in). 

 Looking back towards the kitchen.

The cupboards are old and painted, but I doubt
original to the home. There's a fair amount of
storage and behind me is the stove and fridge.

Standing at the kitchen looking back to 
the entry hall and living room.  This 
whole area is for dining.

This is the front door. It has such interesting detail.
I can't believe it's not preserved better, but these
rentals get a lot of use so I guess the landlords 
don't care to put that much effort into them.

A short banister as you go upstairs to the bedrooms.

Her bedroom.  As you can see we got a little crazy with plastic wrap! It worked really well and it was raining that day so we were even happier that we chose to wrap everything.

It's a duplex home that is probably 80 to 100 
years old.  She's happy with it and that makes
us happy!  
We were worn out for the next two
days after this, but we've recovered and now the empty bedroom in our home is undergoing a small change.  Always something!!




  1. Your daughter's new home has so much character, Liz. I like all of the large windows, spacious rooms, and hardwood floors.

  2. Moving is such a chore, but your daughter's new home is charming. Love the details like the door, banister and windows.I hope you show how she decorates it.

  3. Liz, your daughter's home has such wonderful character and details! I am sure that she will love living there! It's beautiful.

  4. the floors and the details in this home really stood out to me. Moving is always exausting

  5. That is a beautiful home, Liz. I am sure it will look beautiful when everything is unpacked and set in place. I love the front door. xo

  6. Looks like a great place for your daughter. She is lucky to have such good help! xo

  7. Even though it is a rental, it is still going to make a beautiful home for her.
    She is lucky to find such a charming place, and parents to help her move in.

  8. Congratulations to you daughter on her new home! Beautiful place!

  9. Wow her house looks stunning- I love all of the original wooden trim- and you're right about the front door, what fantastic detail!

  10. Dear Liz,
    Love, love. love your daughter's new home!!!
    The floors, the wide trim, the front door!!!
    Her former furniture will certainly make her feel right at home!!!
    Thank you for sharing this move with us!!!

  11. Your daughter's home has so many wonderful details Liz! It was so nice of you to help her move. Hope you have recovered and are doing well! Have a great weekend!

  12. I love her new home and the front door is really special. I know you are happy to see her settled in and I hope you are rested up. It took me two days to rest up - its just not as easy as it used to be! Are you hoping she stays there for a while???


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