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July 22, 2013

The floral parade...

The floral parade continues. 
 It's such a treat to see the flowers showing off their happy colors and pretty faces!

My island out front has been blooming away. We had a garage sale this past Saturday and I worked on prepping for it throughout last week...which was hard because of that heat dome we were under.  98 with a heat index of 105
The day of the garage sale it cooled off and it was quite comfortable.  People were taking tours of my gardens.  They were all so kind and complimentary.  Made me feel good!

These drooping Delphiniums are all that's left of those big 5 ft. tall ones I had.  I love the bright blue color.  It makes for some nice summery color combinations.

These little cone flowers are coming along nicely.
The Zagreb Coreopsis have turned out to be a winner!

When I found these Shasta Daisies at the garden center I liked how the flower's face is straight up.  I've got to hunt around the plants and see if I can find their tag, because I don't remember their name.

Last week

A new cone flower I put in last year looks pretty mixed in with some these purple delphiniums. 
Too bad I didn't remove that green plant stake for the picture!

The Peachie's Pick Stokes Asters are starting to bloom too.

Still waiting to see the Black Eyed Susans! 

This butterfly weed made it back.  I love their color.

More cone flowers- I believe these are called Little Annie
I love the soft delicate flower of the hostas.  
Summer, summer, summer!  Yes!

 Out back the hostas are all blooming.  I enjoy watching the hummingbirds visit them. They dance around feeding off of them and it's a joy to watch.

These are short and stout but I love the variegated
 coloring they have.  These are Amber Tiara hosts.

These hosta flowers are draping across like flags hanging.

The Endless Summer Hydrangeas are blooming.
I love the different stages of the flower.

My soil is very alkaline and even with the fertilizer that's supposed to help turn them more blue this is about as much blue as I can get from them.

Love their soft fluffy flowers

This one is a giant...almost like 3 flowers

Last year I had no flowers due to the untimely frosts so I'm tickled to see them blooming!

 These Sunday Gloves day lilies are framed with some Razzamatazz day lilies. 

  I think they are a stunning lily.  Definitely my favorite!

Thanks as always for visiting!

I love to hear from you.
I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to visit much lately, 
but I will try to do better!


  1. It's all just beautiful! I love the hydrangeas most of all!

  2. Your garden is so lovely. An inspiration to us who do not have a green thumb.

  3. Everything looks lovely. Lots of color and color combinations are wonderful. I love the mix of Hydrangea with the blue and pink together personally.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. Gorgeous gardens ! Love your hydrangeas ! So pretty !

  5. Oooh, I love your new Echinacea. And that hydrangea!!!! Gorgeous. Everything is beautiful, as always!

  6. My Endless Summer Hydrangea
    is also more pink than blue but that is okay ..... garden is full of bright colour ........ lovely.

  7. This year was the year of the rose for me. Since we had lots of rain during it the bushes keep blooming and blooming.
    You have such a beautiful garden. I can only dream to achieve your knowledge and taste in mine.
    Thank you for sharing,

  8. Your hydrangeas are beautiful! We have had our climbing one out but the bush is still to yield its flowers. It's been a more jasmine and roses garden for us this year. xx

  9. Your garden is a party of blooms....just gorgeous.

  10. I'm another one who is struck by the beauty of the colourful hydrangeas! I like all of the other colours in your garden as well. I've planted delphiniums a few times, but haven't had any luck with them; they are so lovely.

  11. I've heard that putting copper pennies or other copper in the soil around hydrangeas turns them blue. I haven't tried this but my blue one I planted last year bloomed pink this year.


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