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August 9, 2013

Friday Morning Flower Gazing

Happy Friday!
I hope you've had a good week and are happy to see 
Friday come.

We've been experiencing some rather mild temperatures and the nights have been cooling off into the 50's.  It feels like early fall at times.  The farmers are unhappy because the mild temps are slowing down the ripening of their crops.  All I can see is that it makes for good sleeping!

I buzzed out this morning (7:30'ish) with a jacket over my pj's and snapped a few early morning pictures.  I've been absent outside lately because of a few projects that have been occupying my time.  Forgive my lack of visits to your blogs, it's just been hard to devote much time to the computer.

  The wind chime post even got into the pictures

The begonias turned out to be a good choice for outlining the  fountain area.  The hostas have covered them up though in this area.  The Japanese Forest Grass are doing well this year too.  

I watched the hummingbirds dancing around these flowers earlier this morning.  There were 3 of them.  I wish I could capture their activity but whenever I try to take a picture they quickly fly off.

In a matter of moments the sun moves on...

These small hostas add a little interest...
I believe they are called Fireworks

Ready to bloom too...

These Gardenmeister Fuchsia are a favorite for the hummingbirds too.  

The Annabelles have been blooming for a couple of weeks.  I gave some of the blooms some help with some stakes.  When they get wet they lay right down on the ground.  Their are delicate for such a heavy flower.

This Alyssum has come back each year since I planted them and I do enjoy them.  They've jumped over the sidewalk into another bed and are blooming there too.  

I planted Alyssum in this window box but only this one made it.  The geraniums crowded out the rest.  I like how it's cascading down the side.  I've been very happy with the performance of the Raspberry Twizzle Geraniums.  The blooms are long lasting and frequent.

In front of the garage I have three planters.  I got creative this year and didn't use my usual spike type plant for the center.  The Mystic Spires Blue Salvia really got big....I have one on the other side that is much larger.  The are some Gaura, Belleza (talll white flowers) mixed in there and the Raspberry Blast Supertunias are spilling all over the bottom.  The bees and hummimgbirds really like the Salvia and Gaura.  There is some Bacopa in there too but the Supertunias seem to have gobbled up most of the space.

I cheated and took this from my window through a screen.  My favorite Limelight Hydrangea is just starting to bloom.

This little Cityline Paris hydrangea doesn't disappoint!


So happy together... 

My little buckets of flowers took their time to get filled out but now they are blooming nicely. 

The Sonic Magic Pink New Guinea Impatiens are a favorite.
I love variegated flowers and plants.


Have a great weekend!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. So beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing,

    P.S. last weekend we started breaking ground to give way to our front yard garden... so much to do and plan but very excited.

  2. Thank you for slipping on your coat over your pj's and capturing the gorgeous light on your flowers and plants. They all look so healthy and happy and such variety. We are getting a bit of 'autumn' here and I have noticed how the nights are beginning to draw in. The farmers here have started to get the corn harvested, I think before the rain completely soaks their crops. Have a wonderful weekend. xx

  3. Gorgeous! The begonias turned out great.

    I bought one of those fuchsias for the first time this year and the stinker hasn't done a darn thing. Nothin', nada, zip. I'm wondering if he wants more sun. Yours looks great!

    And those hydrangeas. Oh, the hydrangeas. Just so pretty.

  4. Oh what a beautiful collection of plants...your garden is a Joy!
    Miss Bloomers

  5. Lovely Liz. Love the fountain bed. You probably didn't need that row of flowers hidden by the Hosta at the front of this photo. It looks wonderful. My Hydrangea are all blooming also. Love to look out at all the lovely blooms.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. You certainly have some lovely colour on your garden.

  7. That was a lovely tour. The morning light gives everything a very special glow, I think.

  8. You have a beautiful garden. What a wonderful place to walk and sit.

  9. love your garden, so beautiful :)

  10. So glad I came along to view your gorgeous flowers

  11. Lovely flowers, Liz. I didn't realize you changed the name of your blog!


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