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August 17, 2013

My Island Out Front

Hello and happy Saturday!
I've been out trimming shrubs, clipping branches and deadheading.  
I've been letting things slip lately so I decided I better 
get out there.

Early this morning I snapped this picture of my 
Limelight Hydrangeas.
Definitely my favorite!

How can you not like these!  Even with our winters up north here they do well,  so they are an A++  in my book!

 It's really grown a lot.
I have some small Spirea shrubs planted at the 
base which fill in the bottom nicely.
Hubby was mowing while I took these and the
grass wasn't cleaned up yet.

This is the island at a distance.  I'm standing by the house trying to capture it from end to end.  The big limelight
hydrangea is on the right but didn't show because of my weeping mulberry tree.

Standing on the driveway looking across the island at the woods. 

The Shasta Daisies are about done.  The Pixie Meadowbrite Coneflowers are still going strong and the Black Eyed Susan's are finally blooming.  

The Russian Sage would do better by itself.  I've seen some really grand displays of them around town and they are always by themselves.  I guess they don't share well!

Love this Coneflower.  The tag is down in the ground, I need to dig it out.  Love the color- I hope it starts to expand into a larger plant in the next year or two!

Some wimpy little Cones that I planted several years ago.  They were part of the series called Sunset.  They don't have good reviews and I probably should have removed them, but they keep struggling and I have a hard to booting something out that has survived.

The Max Frei Cranesbill are still kicking out a few flowers.  

I love to see these guys blooming.  They seemed late this year.

These Phlox are about done.  I look forward to seeing these come back next year.  I just planted a couple of them this year so I only have a single stalk on each plant. There seems to be some mildew on them- I wonder if they are prone to it?

These Aster's came back nicely from last year.
Peachie's Pick stokes Aster

I will end with this shot of  the pretty sky and Limelights!

Summer is returning (It seemed to have left us for a few weeks- with temps in the low 70's and night time temps in the 50's.)  We're heading back into the mid to upper 80's this week.  Summer's final push!  We need it to finish growing all the vegetables and pumpkins for Halloween!

I guess I better get back outside and work in the back yard now!!
Have a great weekend!

I've jointed
Fishtail Cottage for
Garden Party #18


  1. 'Limelights' is definitely a winner as evidenced here in all its glory. The spirea skirt looks like a unique and effective technique.

    Love your island and imagine a blue background provides a great color wheel combination with the yellow rudbeckias. How old are those blue spruces?

    There was a rush to market on that slew of new echinacea that came out a few years ago and in hindsight most have proven to be half baked as seen in both your examples. 'Sunset' needs to go because as I often tell my readers -- life is too short to put up with underperforming plants. In your heart, I know you agree with me. At least put in some more rudbeckias?

  2. So pretty, as always! And yes, the darned phlox is a mildew magnet. I always try to plant things in front of them, since the majority of it seems to stay at the base. I couldn't bare a garden without them, though.

  3. How lovely everything looks. Love the Limelights. They are so gorgeous Hydrangeas.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. Simply Stunning gardens! Thank you so much for sharing it with us:)

  5. Liz,
    Simply stunning!! Thanks so much for stopping by!


  6. I really like the raspberry coneflower too. The hydrangea is huge too... I am trying to decide between limelight or a mophead hydrangea.

  7. Your hydrangea is huge and absolutely beautiful! Look out for those garden phlox they spread like mad down here. This is my third year (sleep, creep and leap) and I'm going to have to dig some up and take them to Hunter's yard already! But boy are they beautiful when in bloom with so many! I love the asters too! such a pretty color. Enjoy!!


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