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July 11, 2013

Hooked on Flowers

Did you know I'm hooked on flowers?  
Yep... there may be a 12 step program to defeat it, but I'm not going to the meetings!
I am passionate about planting flowers.  
I love to make arrangements in pots.  I love the instant gratification that the annuals give me and they are easy to maintain!

 These frilly Geraniums are called "Summer Twist"
and I couldn't be happier with them.  They've branched out really well and the flowers last a very long time.  
I put Bacopa at the base and some Star Flower (Isotoma) to fill in around the geraniums.

Above the geraniums is this long planter filled with these Vinca Titan plants.  
They are called Lavender Blue Halo

I mixed in some Vinca vine which has been slow to get going. 

By my back door are my two plant stands that I turned into planters.  I've set a few decorative items below.  I blogged about this creation here
Both of these planters flank the back door slider....
These haven't quite turned out as I had hoped.   
The Violas are going to get trimmed back heavily so the begonias will show up better. 

This hanging basket has taken off nicely.  The Creeping Jenny is a great for hanging baskets and I have some growing out in my perennial beds.
 I didn't know the Creeping Jenny would flower like this.  I planted it one year thinking it was an annual but it keeps coming back.  I love how it spills over the little wall.

My window box is coming along but right now the flowers are in one of those transitions where there aren't many blooms.

My Fairy Garden (in the background) is coming along nicely.

That is a purple Bacopa on the left. The bees love it!

 The pot that these are in is actually a huge bowl I bought on clearance from Pottery Barn a couple of years ago.  We drilled a couple of holes in the bottom I could use it as a planter.

My big pot on the bicycle stand has gone crazy.

 I put a an Alyssum in it called Clear Crystal White and this variety produces large flowers...there are some Superbells called Lemon slice mixed in there too along with some more vinca vine and Purple Archangel (Angelonia)

These little pots have some more Vinca called Cooler Rose and my favorite Violas....and
I think that's a weed on the left! LOL
I mixed this Saratoga Lime Nicotiana with these reds and pinks and I really love the color mix.

 I need to rotate it more often- it has gotten lopsided...

 This is my burlap wrapped watering can I blogged about a while back (here)

These rusty buckets have been aging with my (abuse) care for the past 3 years...the bottoms are a little iffy so I've placed them on the mulch just in case they let go!

My Endless Summer Hydrangeas are starting to flower- which makes me soo happy!  Last year I had no flowers due to some untimely frosts!

My lilies are blooming all around my yard...
If you'd like please visit my other blog for my gardens at "Sit With Me In My Garden"
 and see my most recent post.
 I sit here and try to enjoy my gardens and the birds (real ones) at least once a day.
Some Tiny Pearl Asiatic Lilies

So like I said I'm a flower freak!

Don't forget to pop on by my garden blog
and snoop around....
Love to hear from you!


  1. You know the hydrangeas are my favorites! And they are doing beautifully (I love the mix of colors you get too). Mine are just about done and turning reddish brown, but the daylillies are showing their stuff all over the yard. We are getting so much rain this year I'm surprised they are drowning! Glad to hear you are enjoying some time outside - your garden is gorgeous!

  2. WOW! WOW! WOW! Your garden is stunning! Your flowers are certainly well taken care of. I can tell you spend a lot of time in that yard. Thanks for sharing. xo

  3. So jealous of all your flowers Liz. Such an amazing array of colors. It's been raining here the past 2 1/2 weeks and have barely been outside. Your hydrangeas are soooo beautiful!

  4. Liz,
    OMG!! So amazingly beautiful!! You have quite the green thumb! With all the rain we had and then temps. in the 90's with high humidity, it has taken a toll on some of my flowers. And next week it is supposed to be in the 90's all week. I am no lover of heat!!

    Thanks so much for your encouraging words as I continue my weight loss journey. If I can prolong my knee replacement another 6-7 years than I will have it and retire at 62 y/o....


  5. I don't blame you my friend, your flowers are stunning! How could you not be hooked, your garden is gorgeous and you have all summer and fall to enjoy them! Dreamy hydrangeas! Enjoy the weekend in your garden.

  6. Well, Liz- if I had flowers that looked like that I would be hooked on them, too. You REALLY have a great green thumb. Everything looks absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous, girl, gorgeous!!!! xo Diana

  7. Your flowers really are lovely, Liz! Thanks for sharing them with us.


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