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February 16, 2013

Red, White and the Sun

With the 8th, 12th and 14th being birthdays 
and Valentine's Day it seemed to busy 
things up around here.  
I'm grateful for the distraction!

We don't make too big of a deal about Valentine's Day, 
but some of the simple pleasures like flowers, 
candy and a nice dinner make us happy!

I bought the flowers for a tablescape I created.  
This morning the sun was beaming in and I snapped off a few shots of my leftover arrangement.

Ever practical- 
Dan bought a huge box of chocolates! 
He knows me well!   
Don't worry we're sharing! 

This morning we are again blessed with the sun. We're under a Lake Effect Advisory for the day so I don't know how long this will last!

Artistic poses

 Party lights crystallized by ice...

I have to admit I'm more than done with winter but I must endure this white dressing for at least another month!  
February seems to be flying by, perhaps March will too!  

Can't wait to see the flowers this spring!
    Thanks for visiting!
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  1. Love the cherub under glass. Love the chocolate heart, too. You have quite a bit of snow, your photos are so pretty. xo

  2. What beautiful images, Liz! Your tablescape is so pretty! I think we're done with snow for this season. We are back in the 60's next week. Spring must be just around the corner!

  3. What beautiful images, Liz! Your tablescape is so pretty! I think we're done with snow for this season. We are back in the 60's next week. Spring must be just around the corner!

  4. Beautiful photos...we got a surprise snowstorm last night...it was over within a half hour...left the ground almost covered! Most of it has already melted and will for sure tomorrow with the high expected to be 60°!

  5. Liz, I'm so done with winter, too! Unfortunately, spring is still a ways away for me. :(
    It looks like you've had a fair bit of snow as well. Hope all is well,
    Wendi xo

  6. We actually got a bit of snow here last night. There were car accidents all over the place! You'd think these people hadn't lived here all their lives!!! In their defense, though, I hear it was pretty slick. We're expecting an ice storm next week. Ugh! I'll hit Ramon over the head with a cast iron skillet if I have to so that he won't try to drive to work in it! :-) I know you're tired of snow, but just sit tight...Spring will be here in a blink!!! Meanwhile, it sure makes for some pretty pictures. I really like the photo with the ice on the party lights!!!

  7. The red and white flowers bring so much color to this colorless winter. You tulips are a beautiful color.
    I love your Valentine tablescape in your previous post also.

  8. Liz, that is such a pretty vignette and the candy looks yummy. However, I am so drawn to your photos of the beautiful snow! How I would love to see a little of that every year! Thank you for sharing them, so I ca be reminded of how snow looks!

  9. Liz- It looks just beautiful. Your photos are all gorgeous- I see that you have ice and snow, too. It sounds like Dan does know you well~ Happy Saturday- xo Diana

  10. Hello, Liz

    February does sound like a full month for you. Would one of those special dates you listed be your own birthday?

    The bouquet is lovely, as are the sunbeams in your shots. You may say you're done with winter, but you have an eye for finding the beauty in it! Thank you for bringing your "finds" to Sunlit Sunday!


  11. Pretty tablescape.. so warm and cozy. The cherub under the cloche is so cute.. its making me regret not purchasing the cloche I saw today at the store!!!

  12. Greetings from Ireland.

    Visiting you through Karen's link up at My Little Home and Garden.

    Lovely pretty photos -
    gorgeous and the snowy ones are so pretty.

    Have a great week


  13. As much as I like your wintry scenes, I'm with you in saying I've had enough winter. I'm hoping March will fly by with the garden shows and clubs to attend.

  14. Hi love lady.
    Your photos of the snow in your garden are just Beautiful~~Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Tablescape, hoping you have a wonderful weekend with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  15. Perfect and whimsical Days. I love Winter (don't hate me ;)) and it sure brings images of so much beauty.
    Thank you for sharing! Love the cherub under dome and the contentement felt in your words about celebration.
    You're Blessed and a Blessing.

  16. Your outside views look like ours, how lovely to see some bright and cheery flowers ... I'm visitin from Sunlit Sunday

  17. The light on our red and white bouquet is outstanding.

  18. Lovely snow photos! Love how the snow is on the arbor!!! Beautiful. Am visiting you from Sunlit Sunday- and so glad I found your blog.

  19. Hi Liz,
    Beautiful fresh flowers, your bouquet is lovely! Love the string of lights with a coating of ice. It must be really pretty at night. I have just joined you as a new follower and I look forward to your future posts. You have a very lovely blog.
    All the Best,

  20. You are probably tired of snow but it is so beautiful to see everything covered with the white fluffy snow. Actually I have been wishing for snow this winter but we have only had a dusting twice. I hope my wish doesn't become a reality in May like it did several years ago. Sounds as if Valentine's Day turned out pretty nicely for you with the gift of yummy looking chocolates.

  21. Beautiful pictures...I am wishing for the tulips to be blooming but was not sure when they will be able to see the sunlight as I think there is about 5 feet of snow over them right now...

  22. Aaah.... you have much more snow than we do here in Ohio, Liz. I don't envy you, that's for sure. I'm so looking forward to spring and some warmer days. I love your floral bouquet arrangement, using the cloche and the addition of the little candies. I gave the husband some in his Valentine card. Your photos of the snow are beautiful, BTW. Stay warm! ~Sue

  23. The snow is beautiful, for sure.
    And a box of chocolates are about the best gift a girl could get for
    Valentine's Day as far as I concerned!

  24. So pretty Liz! Love the crystallized party lights. Spring will be here before you know it!

  25. I'm with you and would much rather admire flowers that the white stuff...we just got a huge snow storm. I hoping March is kinder....

  26. Liz, beautiful pictures! Your bouquet of flowers is gorgeous. They will be growing in your beautiful garden before you know it. Have a great week!

  27. Lovely photos - even the snow. It is pretty but I'm always glad it isn't here. Thanks for the sunny lift to a cloudy day.

  28. The flowers are lovely. They certainly brighten the day.
    I always enjoy seeing the snow pictures. It will be Spring before we know it.


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