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February 5, 2013

Office Tweak

It's been nearly a year since I moved my office into the spare bedroom as shown here, and here and showed you my story.  
Given my history for moving things around and my habit for liking change I have to admit that I have made no changes in the office until this week (which surprises even me)

Get ready for a drum roll.....

I moved a lamp!  

What you didn't hear a drum roll?

Well, I know it's not much!   
I resisted putting the lamp here because I didn't want my printer to be easily seen and that's where it was sitting.

This is it last year- Admittedly this looks nice, but the lamp didn't do much good where it was.  Now my printer shows, but it's not the end of the world!

Here is a link to the office post last year

I never followed up on getting a new wastebasket.  It could be a little wider and taller...especially since I think I'm a basketball player and always toss things from a distance trying to score!!  

Needless to say I end up picking 
up after myself a lot!  

Just to the right of the wastebasket is a cute domed bed I found at T.J. Maxx for the cats who keep me company.
It's a rough life..isn't it!  

Thanks for visiting!




  1. Love your office and where you put your lamp! I also love the bedding for the cats! I too need a new basket but never think about when I'm out and about!

  2. lol Liz. Love the lamp AND your office...and those adorable kitties too!

  3. Now you know I just adore your pretty cats and precious new bed. It's all beautifully done and a great room for you Liz. I love it!

  4. Hi Liz - It looks like you have the ideal office. Roomy and bright! Your cats are beautiful. Are they Siamese? They must love their new bed.


  5. It looks beautiful, lamp or printer, Liz. What a wonderful office!

  6. Kitty heaven~ their leopard print bedding is the cat's meow :) I have office envy Liz~ what a beautiful desk!

  7. Great job, Liz, but I would never get any work done. I would be looking at the beautiful art on the wall all day! I guess an office is an office - printer and all!

  8. I love the lamp. Wherever you place it it will be a winner so you'll have plenty of chances to "play" with it.
    Your home office is too precious and though I'm a bit of always moving and changing things can't see how it could get better. It's Precious. Congratulations, Liz!


    P.S. I so hate those office things like printer and cables... how wonderful it would be to live in a completely wireless world, right?

  9. I am going to mail you a BIG ol' box of Ritalin!!! Girl, you are SO good about moving things around in your house!!! I need to catch that spirit!

  10. Liz, your office is so beautiful! I love the new set up! I have the same problem with my printer. It is so big, there is just no way to hide it. I bought last year a wood ladder shelf at Lowe's and it fit the printer perfectly. Your office space looks so pretty!

  11. Hi lovely lady.
    Your office looks beautiful with the lamp you did a great job putting this all together!! I also love your art on the wall. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  12. Love the way the office turned out, I love that desk in the corner and I love the art work, so pretty, I would never get any work done...Everything looks great, love the colors as well.


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