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February 23, 2013

Oh sun, oh sun, where art thou!

This past week was rather epic with one 
 snowfall after another !  
Let's just say I didn't see the sun very much!
The wind howled around the side of the house 
causing a great deal of drifting on the deck.  
This was my view one morning.  I opened the door 
to go out and shovel the snow and had to 
shovel the snow back out that fell in!

Throughout these days of staying indoors a lot, 
 I keep busy with projects inside. 
  Every so often I check out the wildlife for entertainment.  
I noticed this critter plowing 
through the snow.  See the black spot there...

 Oh hi!
(Notice the top of my garden benches sticking out of the snow...
that's how deep it is in my back yard) 

I'm a black squirrel looking for bird seed that 
may have blown out and around!
(Sorry about the low grade quality- but shooting through windows
does have it's challenges) 

Ahh yes...where did I bury that acorn???

Have you ever seen black squirrels? According to a story I was told- the Kellogg's of the Kellogg cereal company located in Battle Creek Michigan introduced black squirrels to their area and they've migrated north.  
They're actually kind of small and not nearly as pretty as the silver or fox squirrels, but they are unique just the same! 

 I always love to see the beautiful cardinals.  
Here is the Mrs. and the Mr. is never far away!

That red really pops off the snow doesn't it!!

I get a lot of joy out of watching the wildlife here.  
We have a great variety of birds that visit.  
When I was a kid I pretty much only knew 
about Robins and Crows!

So- no sunlit pictures today, but I tried to find 
something to be grateful for and that gives 
me some happiness...and I did!

I'm joining 
My Little Home and Garden 


  1. You really did get a lot of snow Liz! I love seeing cardinals in winter, especially when there's snow. They always look so vibrant. We just got rain and a couple of gray days with this storm. It's suppose to be sunny and warm tomorrow(relatively)

  2. What beautiful images, Liz. When we lived just North of here in Door County we had a pocket on our property that had black squirrels. Supposedly, that is the only place they inhabit along this side where Lake Michigan and the Bay meet. It was fun to see them.
    You have a lot of snow, too. I am SO sick of it and it seems a long winter to me this year- xo Dana

  3. Hello, Liz

    There are plenty of grey and black squirrels here, but not as much snow as you have in your yard.

    I love the photos of the cardinals; they definitely provide a couple of bright spots in the winter landscape and I agree that they are perfect to share at Sunlit Sunday! Even in the thumbnail photo, the male cardinal practically leaps off the screen. Beautiful.


  4. What a fantastic shot of that little red bird! and the squirrel? well super funny! poor thing, reminds me of the one on Ice Age the animated movie! how appropriate! Thanks for posting. Came over from My Little Home and Garden party!

  5. Oh how I would LOVE to see cardinals! The last one that is red all over really pops out.. beautiful!

  6. Beautiful images! A black squirrel! A cardinal!! Two things I have never seen in "real" life!! That snow is very very deep!!! Beautiful! Stay warm!

  7. Wow! What a lot of snow! I've never seen a black squirrel in real life! The cardinals really do *pop* against the snowy background. Keep smiling and stay warm!

  8. Oh my, so much snow. I can imagine how much you are ready for sun and spring. Hugs, Marty

  9. Unfortunately I think we have even more snow. I have never seen a black sqirrel but we have plenty of gray ones and I never see cardinals.

  10. I have never seen a black squirrel! He's handsome! :) That's alot of snow!

  11. Oh sure, the black squirrels were sent packing up north and they all congregated in our back yard. It's not unusual to have 8-10 scampering around at once. :-)
    The male cardinal is so handsome sitting in the branches.

  12. Hi Liz - I'm feeling the same way about the lack of sunshine (in Boston) too. At least March 1st is this week and we'll be approaching the end of winter. That black squirrel is pretty cute. We don't see them much in this area, but I've seen a few this winter. Your photo of the cardinal in the tree is beautiful! Yesterday was the first day I've seen any cardinals in my area.

  13. I've never seen a black squirrel and wow do you have a lot of snow. We are snow covered; just had to storms but the sun is out today and melting the 4 inches on my driveway. Your photo of the cardinal is absolutely spectacular!

  14. At least it's pretty! I'm not sure if what we have coming in here tomorrow evening will make its way up to you guys or not. I sure hope not because it's supposed to pack quite a wallop. We're in the bullseye of the storm and expected to get an additional 8"-12" on top of the 8" we got last week! :-( So our yard will be looking like yours with the garden furniture peeking out! Weird, because it's very sunny today with a high around 42 or so. At least a little of this is melting off the rooftop! (I hear it slide off occasionally!) I hope you get to see the sun soon!!!!!!

  15. Wow Liz, you have a lot of snow there now! Beautiful photos. The ones of the cardinals are wonderful, especially the bright red male in the white world around it. There are black squirrels in BC and Ontario too but not here in eastern Canada. Have a great week. Blessings, Pamela

  16. WE have had a week of snow too... Love your animal pictures. I haven't seen any cardinals this year.. Love the red cardinal against the snow. We have very little peaking out under the snow anymore..just about everything is covered and I am wondering if our shed will be buried this year.

  17. Oh my, sweet Liz..such gorgeous pictures of a winter wonderland such as yours. The little red ones, sure pops up like a million bucks, lol..adorable! Thank you for your lovely and kind visit my friend. Hope you can do me the favor of giving me the measurements of your throw so I can make one buying more material, just like the plush pillows; they're just soo soft. Thanks. Have a lovely week.

  18. pour squirrel, hard to find it´s food. I think we all are tired of snow now. :)

  19. Dear Liz,great post!!Your photos are amazing! !You've got a lot of snow!!And i was thinking today to go for a swim in our beach!!That squirrel is so cute!!I love cardinals birds!Thank you for your comment on my blog!Glad to meet you!Have a lovely and warm week!

  20. We saw our first black squirrel when we were in Mackinaw City with the family a few years ago.

    You have had so much snow! We still have most of ours on the ground and expect more the next day or two. It may go north of us though. We have above freezing temps too. That with the sun we had today definitely helps the mood. Plus we really need the moisture.

    Loved seeing your photos, Liz.

  21. What beautiful pictures!! I love the red bird! Visiting from Sunlit Sunday.

    Jocelyn @

  22. Hi Lizabeth,
    Oh my that is a lot of snow... Your cardinals are just so beautiful, great photos of them!
    All the Best,

  23. i can't handle snow for a long time >.<

  24. Oh, my, how lovely is the cardinal in the bare tree! That's a once-in-a-lifetime shot! I do like the snow shots. Sometimes, I miss snow, but then it passes! :)

  25. What gorgeous pictures! I pray you guys get better weather soon. Have a good week!

  26. Oh Liz,
    You're really covered up in snow lately. All we've had is lots of rain.
    I have seen a couple of black squirrels in the last couple of years, not to often though.
    Love the photo of the red cardinal in the tree, looks like it should belong on a postcard.
    As always, I enjoyed viewing your photos!

  27. Oh my!!! That's a lot of snow and I'm not sure how well I'd deal with that being stuck inside for days on end. Hang in there, Spring is just around the corner now!!!!


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