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May 28, 2012

Flag Day......

Happy Memorial Day!  

The Iris were usually blooming around Memorial Day, and my folks always called them "Flags"
 In fact I sent a picture of my Bearded Iris to my sister and her first 
response back was "Flags"!
My kids gave me some iris for Mother's Day many years ago and this white one is one of them!
These deep purple ones have a rich smell to them too! I moved a few of these from an old garden spot and lined them up on the edge of the driveway turnaround area and they've been multiplying in size rather nicely! 
We had a large storm come through yesterday and it really rained a lot! It made a few of the iris fall over but since we needed the rain badly- so there are no complaints!
Over near the deck things are growing like crazy and this beautiful 
"Orange Harvest" Bearded Iris is making it's spring debut!
These are supposed to able to bloom twice a year, but so far I haven't seen that happen.  They've bulked up in size quite a bit this year so we will see what happens!
Such a pretty color isn't it!
My garden fairy is surrounded by 
some Siberian Iris but they haven't bloomed yet. 

I hope you all have/had a wonderful Memorial Day!
Hang your flags proudly!


  1. I am still enjoying most of my wildflowers, unfortunately not grown in my yard. I love the deep purple iris, such color. xo

  2. Liz, your irises are just gorgeous! Your garden is blooming beautifully! I just love seeing all of your garden posts.

  3. what beauties! that orange & white especially. I have some heirloom hand-me-downs from hubby's aunts old yard before they moved into a brand new home. they are lavender & prolific. next time I go up by my son in Minnesota I plan on taking him a huge clump to get started. thanks for stopping by my place too. I have a new post up for WW if you are interested. Faythe @ GMT

  4. Liz, your iris are beautiful! I have never seen an apricot iris...it's gorgeous. I have lavender and white and yellow but have never seen that wonderful apricot. It looks like you are going to have an amazing garden all summer long. Hope you are having a great week.

  5. Your garden is lovely. I'm admiring all your beautiful iris. I don't have much success in getting mine to bloom. Just a couple of blooms a year. I need to bring in an expert! ~ sarah

  6. Hi Liz!
    Our irises have just finished blooming
    and I was so surprised when I realized
    the Siberians bloomed one or maybe two days and were gone.
    The other varieties lasted a couple weeks it seemed.
    I have never seen nor heard of an apricot one.
    It is gorgeous!

    Thank so much for coming by and sharing your lovely gardens, Liz.


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