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May 2, 2012

Garden Inspired

I wanted to create a tablescape with a garden influence.  
If you know me, you know I love my backyard garden 
and at this time of the year you find me either working out there or dreaming about ideas I have for this years
flowers for my garden.
I have Endless Summer and 
Limelight Hydrangeas that I cut and dried
stems from last fall.  I wanted to use these
candelabras but I also wanted to embrace 
my love for flowers so i decided to snip 
some tops off and use them instead of candles!
To add to my garden inspired theme I used
some white geese, a watering can
and a faux green leaf lettuce or cabbage
piece (I can't decide what it is) I just liked 
it!  I sprinkled pieces of the hydrangeas on 
the tray. I took the lead from the panicles 
as they kept drifting down on the table 
while I was fussing with them on 
the candelabras!
 The vintage geese are holding fish in their
 mouths and the watering can is my first 
ever antique purchase (Circa 1930's) I 
found while on a road trip.  My goose 
napkin rings came in handy for this 
one too!
The dishes attracted me with their
 scroll design which makes me think of
 an iron gate, and their coloring
was perfect. 
It's a rainy gloomy day, but for 5 minutes 
the sun tried to get through and I captured 
a picture that shows the colors a bit better.
This tablecloth lends a casual feeling and 
with it's artichokes and overall color 
palette it was the perfect backdrop for my 
theme.  The flatware also has the 
fleur-de-lis design on it.
I pulled the pink in the tablecloth by using 
my fleur-de-lis glassware! 
 I hope you enjoyed my Garden Inspired
As always, thank-you for coming by!
I love to hear your comments!

I will be joining 
Cuisine Kathleen for
Let's Dish 
Between Naps On The Porch
Head on over and check out all the lovely
tablescapes that are submitted each week!

Dishes: Sugar Plum by Noble Excellence (Dillards)
Mikasa, Italian Countryside
Flatware, Baroque (Neiman Marcus)
Fleur-De-Lis Glassware (Horchow) 
Tablecloth-  Artichoke (One Kings Lane)
Candelabras- Casa Cristina Collection (furniture store)
White Charges- Pier 1 Imports
Woven Placemats from T.J. Maxx
Goose napkin rings (set of 4) from E-bay 


  1. This is a very beautiful tablescape, Liz. I love the faux cabbage as a centerpiece, and I adore Mikasa Italian Countryside. xo

  2. I love the flowers in the candle holders. I am going to steal the head of head of greens ideal also. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  3. Hi Liz,

    Your garden tablescape is gorgeous!!!


  4. I love it! So pretty with the soft greens and I like that you added the pink accents.

  5. Such eye candy,I love it all! xo ~Liz

  6. I love how you used the hydrangeas with the candlesticks. Your table is gorgeous, Liz.

    We are seriously considering trying to sell this Summer. The original plan was Spring but then J had the medical issues. Now we are trying to catch up. We did find the villa of our dreams though, so we are trying to pick up the pace to get our home sold. We need to downsize and we need to get in closer to West St Louis County, where our doctors are. The villa we found is very near all our children which is fabulous! It all hinges on getting the house ready to go as much as we can, then wait for someone to fall in love with it.

  7. Really beautiful table! Love all the little touches that make it so special!

  8. Oh dear Liz, what a totally gorgeous tablescape. The hydrangeas in the candelabra are a masterpiece! The head of greens centerpiece is another great idea, along with all your dishes and specially the pretty soup bowls. Lovely table.
    Thanks for your sweet and kind visit. Hugs,

  9. Hi Liz!!!
    It's amazing we BOTH mentioned our ENDLESS SUMMER! "OF COURSE" it's worth mentioning! I also have LIMELIGHT and it's GORGEOUS and easy too!
    Your table is incredibly "GORGEOUS"! LOVE every single detail. I'm a big fan of HORCHOW and used to buy SO MANY BEAUTIFUL things there before I discovered EBAY! I LOVE those chargers too...
    I am your newest follower AND I'd love if you choose to follow me too...I sure hope you choose to follow me too, WE CAN TALK about ALL OUR HYDRANGEAS!!! LOVE THEM!!!
    By the way My MIDDLE name is Elisabeth...
    Have a wonderful week,
    Big Hugs,

  10. Your garden tablescape is so inspiring. I love the hydrangeas and also the centerpiece. Beautiful plate chargers!..Christine

  11. Liz, this is one of the prettiest tablescapes I have seen lately! Love the idea of placing the hydrangea blossoms on candlesticks--very whimsical! The dishes are just beautiful! The geese are a great addition, too! Your love for gardening shows through!

  12. I did very much enjoy your Garden-themed tablescape. The detail was just perfect and those hydrangeas...LOVE them. Why won't they grow for me??

  13. Yikes, Liz....this is gorgeous!!!!!!!! I KNEW all that time in the garage would have an effect on you. You would feel the need to come out swingin', saying, "Look at me! I survived cleaning my garage, and I can do kick butt tablescapes, too!!!!!" You pulled everything together so great! The thoughtfulness of the iron gate look...love it! The hydrangea puffs on the arms of the candelabra...very cool! Very cool!!! This table is beautiful for this time of year!!!

  14. Liz.. love love the table. all of it. The candelabras and the dishes and the geese and the napkins and just all of it. Totally charmed by your table.. xo marlis

  15. This is lovely!! I woke up early this morning and watched a recorded show about the white room challenge on HGTV. The challenge was to use lots of flowers. I think your room would have won - great job!!

  16. Your table is a delight with all its color and texture, my favorite things! The candelabra are terrific.

  17. There are so many pretty things on your table. The geese are charming. I love what you've done with the flowers! We don't grow hydrangeas, and I love them dried as much as fresh. Great idea!

  18. Liz, thanks for your kind comments on my table this week -- I was glad to find your blog! I love your use of the dried hydrangeas on your garden table -- and the little "pen" for the geese is darling! I love a touch of whimsy -- the geese as napkin holders are icing on the cake.

  19. hi Liz, we were thinking along the same lines today!! How clever to use the hydrangeas instead of candles, and I love the scrollwork on those dishes!! Really pretty table, my dear!! My favorite thing, though, are those cute little geese!!! So cute!

  20. Oh my, this is just beautiful! I love that you used hydrangeas on your candelabras! They are so pretty, as are your dishes! I love the effect of the watering can and all the garden details! Just gorgeous!


  21. Oh my, this is just beautiful! I love that you used hydrangeas on your candelabras! They are so pretty, as are your dishes! I love the effect of the watering can and all the garden details! Just gorgeous!


  22. garden is always eye catching and soothing

  23. Beautiful table Liz. I do like how you put your hydrangeas on your candlesticks....very clever and it makes a statement. The chargers are great...I have them too. I also like the use of the tray, geese and watering can. Gotta love Mikasa dishes. A pleasure to visit and see this lovely table.

  24. I love your garden inspired tablescape. Using the hydrangea petals in the tray is a lovely touch, and your blending of colors was so well conceived and executed. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  25. This is beautiful, Liz! I enjoyed your narrative too! I love the hydrangea on the candlesticks and the scattered petals too!
    Love all the textures!
    Thanks so much for linking this beautiful table to Let's Dish! Next week is the Mother's Day theme, hope you will join in!

  26. I just became a follower after one quick look at your post! Sometimes I just know what I like! All your elements work so well together and I especially love the square placemats. Such an interesting combination of textures and your dining room is beautiful.

    Robin Flies South

  27. I just love anything inspired by the outdoors. Your table is just so beautiful! I love the dried hydrangeas. I so wish I could grow them. Beautiful, elegant look to this.

  28. Oh your table is so gorgeous. I wish I had a green thimb like you, the dried hydrangeas are beautiful. I also love the lovely scroll plates and the tablecloth. The vintage geese are my favorites, too cute!

  29. I love your vintage geese! They just add that extra special look to your table. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  30. I too am in the mood for a garden table! It is just so fun to see everything pop up out of the ground! Your table is wonderful. I adore your little watering can. My daughter in law just gave me some of the fleur de lys glasses in the lavenderish pink. So pretty. My son went to use them for everyday and I had to tell him, "No, not these!" So pretty and too delicate.

  31. That's absolutely gorgeous! Love love love the centerpiece- all of it - the flowers on the candelabra, the geese, the cabbage, the watering can, the bed of petals...love it. And the dishes/chargers/bowls/napkin rings fit perfectly with it. Very creative!

  32. Love this! The shades are so dreamy. Just beautiful.

    - The Tablescaper

  33. I love what you did with your dried hydrangeas. Your blooms on the bushes must be spectacular. I hope you post a picture of them when they're in bloom. I'm no good at tablescapes...yours is so pretty. Great job!

  34. Gorgeous tablescape Liz! Your table has so many wonderful layers of beauty. I love the chargers and the hydrangeas.


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