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May 31, 2012

Have Fun- BeFunky

I have an iMac and I have a program that allows me to do some photo editing but it is a limited format.  I can't use the photo editing programs like "PhotoShop" because it's a "Windows" based program and isn't compatible to my iMac.
My friend Linda over at Life With Linda gave me this link called BeFunky.com that allows you to add some special affects and edit photos.  I thought I would show you some quick examples that you can do with it.  There are many options but I'm only showing a few.

 First up is the picture I started with.

 Then I cropped it and used their "Edit"
option and sharpened the image.

This one I used their "Text" option and put 
my blog name on the picture...there are 
various fonts to chose from as well as the 
color can be changed.

This one I used the "Impressionist 1" 
I like the artistic look it gives!

 This one is a "Featured Effects"
one called Sketchers that I 
added a paint option to.
It could use more refinement, but
you see how there are many options
to have fun with!

This is called "Underpainting"
and it's under the Featured Effects 
area too.  
 I added my name again and a 
"Basic Frame"
I adjusted the opacity of the frame
which makes it a bit "see through"
This is a tablescape Alycia did over
This is it's normal look 

 And this is one I played with!
As you can see you can get some real
special affects out of it. I think I used
the Impressionist one on this one.

 Lastly this one is using the Cartoonizer 2 
feature!  I think this is fun! 
I'm glad I learned about it!

Everything I did was free- There is an upgrade package, but I don't feel I need it.  If you create an account and log in you can save your pictures and come back to edit at any time. 
 Thanks for stopping by and 
let me know what you think.  
Have you ever used a photo
editing option?


  1. This is a nice program, I have an ordinary lap type - could I use this program? I am not sure. I would love to add my blog name to photos. xo

  2. Your yard looks so inviting. Happy Summer. RC

  3. Hi Liz,

    Lots of wonderful options with this program. I'm able to use Photoshop which is nice, but a bit of a learning curve. I hope this will help those using an iMac.

  4. Don't you just love this program. There are so many different effects and it is free. You are right, you can always upgrade if you choose. Thanks for the call out. Linda

  5. Your photos look very nice with the editing. Isn't it fun to play around with programs like this? Aim alerting everyone to my Grill, BBQ and Picnic party on June 17-23. Would love to have you if you would like to come. Have a wonderful weekend, Liz!--------- Shannon

  6. Hi Liz! Oh, you and your husband are geniuses! I uninstalled Google Chrome and now I'm on Firefox, which I used before, and it says I'm signed in. I couldn't comment here on your blog earlier and now I'm hoping it will work.

  7. Yay!! It worked! I sign your praises and thank you again so much!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  8. Oh, you have been having fun! I used Picasa to edit photos and there are many effects on it. I think your text feature might be better, however.

  9. How late am I getting around to reading this??!?! I have got to slow my roll!!!! This looks like something fun to play with, and you made my table look really wild! I like it! I'm going to check out the BeFunky site! I'll let you know how I fare with it. I've been using Picasa for collages and effects and Aoao for watermarking, but I'm always up for something new!!!!!!!! Your kalanchoe plants are beautiful! Love the colors...could have used those this past weekend!!! :-)

  10. FUN pics Liz! I love playing too with mine. However, it really sucks up more time than it should or that I have. Have a great week Liz!


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