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February 6, 2012

Shuffling furniture....again!

About a week ago I was feeling content 
with my living room.  Mostly because I 
had updated surfaces on my mantel,  
game, coffee and end tables.  One gnawing 
problem I have with my room is 
combining design and function.  

As I've explained before this living room is 
multi-purpose with my desk, computer, 
tv and stereo all sharing the same room.  

About a year ago we painted the kitchen
See the chest of drawers on the left.
That was a piece I picked up at
a store going out of business  and
they were even taking offers on the
furniture so I made a deal with them
on this piece and a lamp.
 Very shortly after that we moved
the cabinet over by the kitchen
dinette area.  It did make for a very tight
fit in the area but I liked it and wanted
to give it a try.  I have my table linens
in the chest so it suited me to have it there.
After living with it for a year I finally
admitted I was fed up with the tightness
and the fact that I couldn't keep a chair on 
the side near the cabinet.  This weekend
I made my mind up to move it out.
 I moved it to the living room and
this is where it landed.
 I slept on it but... 
 The sofa was positioned over
by the grandfather clock and
while I like the sofa over there
it just wouldn't do with the clock
 I moved the sofa
and the two wing back recliners,
but now the wall near the clock
looked barren.
 So I moved the chest over to
that wall by the clock
(I also removed the game table and a chair from this room)
and now I like it there.
My view at my desk...
I should also comment that I use a room
planner from Lazy Boy to play around
with my ideas before I make the moves.  
This is an example of my room layout
on paper. Many companies offer these
I just happened to run across this on
Lazy Boy's web site.  I adjust the sizes
of the furniture pieces to be the same 
as mine (I don't actually own any of their
furniture but I use their generic furniture
pieces to design with- I find something as close
as I can to my furniture to use) You just click
and drag into the room.
 So that's a new wrap on the living room!

Now off to the basement family room!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Looks great Liz! The dresser with the wing chairs balances out the room and your sofa looks great where you moved it!

  2. The end result looks beautiful, Liz. You certainly have a great eye. Thanks for tip on the Lazy Boy site. xo

  3. Hot diggity dog, Liz....this is fantastic! I think that room planner thingy is a lifesaver!!! I will keep that in mind the next time I plan to do a lot of furniture moving. Very slick! You really gave this some thought, and it turned out great! The positioning of the couch seems so much better in that larger space, and the 2 chairs are perfect near the 2 windows. You still have a great view from your computer desk to the television...it's golden!

  4. It looks amazing. I love the new arrangement. Perfect. Hugs, Marty

  5. Hi Liz,

    You have such a beautiful space! I wish my home was big enough to rearrange the furniture. You have an eye for design.

  6. Liz
    I like your new arrangement and it sure looks like it works perfect for your needs. And I like to see the TV from my desk too.

  7. Liz , Love your sofa's place very much ... And the place of chest of drawer is so perfect that i think its the best place... Over all perfect setting...
    Hope you will enjoy a visit at
    With love


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