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February 16, 2012

Trays and Decorating

Marty over at a Stroll Thru Life
blogged about an idea that inspired 
her to copycat another blogger.
  Marty was inspired by a silver tray 
cleverly mounted above a stove in a 
kitchen at  the blog Jennifer Rizzo 
 That inspired me to show my trays I 
have displayed in my kitchen.  
 I have this large rattan woven one with 
handles from Pottery Barn  
(from a group called Farmwire) and my metal tray I 
got from Wendell August stacked together 
along with a plate set in front.
The PB tray is deep enough to support the
2nd tray and the plate
 I secured it with a plastic zip
tie wrap and made a loop that
I hung on a nail to keep the tray
from sliding down
 I rarely show my kitchen because
it's so tiny! It's only 8 ft. wide
The wire basket was also from
Pottery Barn and the picture is
a print I selected on line from one
of those poster Co's.  I used a frame
I found at T.J. Maxx for it
 A friend of mine gave me these lovely
canisters from J.C. Penney and I recently
got the salt and pepper shakers
The tiered tray is another piece
from PB from the same group
 they had a couple of years ago
(I actually cut the top tier off because it was too tall to fit)
 My little "Louigi" as I nicknamed him
from Kirkland's 
(I featured him on my dish blog)
 So that's a quick mini tour of 
part of my kitchen and my
featured trays!


  1. Hi Liz, love how you layered them together, that's my style! Louigi looks great in your beautiful kitchen! ~Marcy

  2. Hi Liz, I think your kitchen looks great, you utilized the space very well. The stacked tray and plate is a good idea. xo

  3. Hello Liz how neatly and managed kitchen you have with such small space,love your friendly atmosphere kitchen... oh how cute the Louigi is.. adorable... the style of layering is unique and looks so lovely...Enjoys the tour of your graceful kitchen...
    Hope you will enjoy a visit at
    With love

  4. awesome Liz! I loved Marty's copy cat too. I am looking for something fun to put behind my stove for Spring. May have to be a tray.

  5. Oh I love your kitchen. It is fabulous and your trays are wonderful. I really like all of your accessories, so pretty and the glass doors are fantastic. I had a small kitchen like yours in a previous house and I loved how easy it was to cook. Definitely a one person kitchen, but fabulous. Yours looks amazing. You need to do a post showing all of it. It looks amazing. Thanks for the shout out, this is great fun. Hugs, Marty

  6. Liz, you have some wonderful trays and treasures! I remember you telling me about "Louigi" when I introduced "Chef Dude"...lol! I recently set up a kitchen display with my silver trays. I love trays in a kitchen!

  7. Beautiful Liz I love to layer and the trays are perfect together. I love your kitchen it is so warm and cozy....as is the rest of your beautiful home...Sue

  8. I think your kitchen is gorgeous. You should show it off more often!

  9. Oh I love them! it looks wonderful! joann

  10. Wonderful look Liz. I am happy you are playing around alittle more with your lovely home decor items. The tray is beautiful.

  11. Your trays look beautiful Liz as does your whole kitchen.


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