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February 27, 2012

Office progress....

It was a slow but progressive weekend. 

 A coat of primer went up to cover the old color first...

The sun danced in and out and as you can see it's still very wintery around here...


I chose "White Chocolate" by Benjamin Moore...


No sun today, it's a gray day today, 
but this is how it looks now!

The room feels fresh and more vibrant!

Six years ago we took the plunge and 
started adding color all over the house.  
I had lived with the "beige" thing for 
years, and it was very challenging to take 
the step into the "color" world!  Our son 
referred to it as we finally got color 
courage!  Going back to an off white was a
 big step but in this case I think it's going 
to be the best choice!
I have a ton of ideas in my head for
how I'm finishing it off.  

The curtains I've selected are going
to work out great and I picked
up the picture from Pier 1 and
lucked out as it was on sale!

I'm so ready for this! 
 I hope it meets my own

I am joining My Little Home and Garden
for Sunlit Sundays


  1. Liz
    I know what you mean about going back to the white tones. I like your choice though. And I love those lamps-are they your inspiration for this room?

  2. I backed up and read a couple of other posts prior to this one. The reclaiming of a bedroom to make an office is a great idea. It looks like it will be a lovely bright space to work when it is completed; I'll have to come back and see the change. Good Luck and welcome to "Sunlit Sunday"!

  3. That is a LOT of work for a single weekend! I don't know how you do it. I am SUCH a lazy bone!!! The color is fabulous, and I just know you are going to be happy with it in the long run. It's so important to have a peaceful envirnoment in which to think and create. Plus, the wall color will change with the passing of the sun over the house each day, thus giving you several peaceful hues!

  4. Hi Liz, Love the White Chocolate color you picked out, I'm sure you walk in and love the brightness of the room! Okay, where did you get those fabulous lamps??? They look perfect with the wall color! Can't wait to see your new office! ~Marcy

  5. I love that color! Can't wait to see it all finished. xo

  6. Hi Liz. Thanks for visiting me and leaving your comment. I was just looking at this post and the one before it and I really like the white chocolate colour you chose for this room. It's going to be really classy looking with your desk and chair and the curtains you chose. I'm in the process of choosing paint for the living/dining/entry/hall (split entry/open concept). It's currently yellow and I need a change. So many choices out there!! Pamela

  7. That is a big difference. I just went from a dark color to a light color in our family room turned music room and have been pleased with the change. I also got a nice bargain at Pier One, I hope you'll come see.

  8. You've chosen some nice colours, and what better way to see them than in a sunny room.

  9. Some rooms need the light that a pale shade offers. I like your new colour!

  10. Your decision to go light has turned out beautifully, Liz! I can't wait to see the finished room.
    ~ Wendi ~

  11. I like the new color white chocolate. It will be a nice background for whatever decorating you do.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my tablescape.
    Have a great week.

  12. Hi Liz,
    You are like me, I have a hard time choosing a color, since I like so many shades of the same color. I think the paint companys are making so many pretty colors and the name seems to draw us in too, like white chocolate, who wouln't like white chocolate..LOL
    Your room is comming along just fine,I think both of the pictures was it from Peir One, the pretty floral prints would look great together, I always say buy both and bring them home see what looks best and bring the other one back, or keep them both LOL....
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  13. Hi Liz, love the new color! I have such a hard time with color that if I find something I like I just use it everywhere lol. We did take the plunge in our beach condo and I liked the results. I can't wait to see your office finished, I know it's going to look awesome!! Good choice! I even love the name of the color, can't be bad with that name, right??? xoxo--Betsy

  14. Wow...love the color and lamps. Your new office is going to be so special and soothing. Great choices and i know you are having so much fun seeing it all come together.

  15. What a difference! I love those lamps, too!


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