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May 13, 2011


A gift of a sundial has led me to try something new.  
Currently I have moved a pedestal to this area and
have set the sundial on it. I'm still dialing up my
ideas on it, but for now this is where it's located!
I was amazed that the color of them matched so 
 I played with the position a bit and set it here-
I am still undecided about it...I need to figure out
what shrubs or plants I'm going to put here.
I recently removed two shrubs on the left and it opened up 
this area to some new ideas.
 This Jack Frost, Brunnera is a favorite...it will
continue to grow for several weeks and bloom
 The Pachysandra, Japanese Spurge is flowering..
This Sweet Woodruff is just about to flower...there
will be a fragrance of fresh cut
hay when they bloom!
The Trillium are in full bloom and the
Dutchman's Breeches (on the left) are too!
It shot up to 86 degrees on Thursday when I was
out gardening!  It was a pleasant day, not
too much humidity!


  1. that is such a pretty sun dial Liz! your garden is looking wonderful. 86 degrees?!! we're still wearing hoodies here!

    happy week!

  2. Well it was 86 for one day! Thank-you for your compliments on the garden! We're back to hoodies again here too...we had a freeze warning last night and another tonight...

  3. Love your sundial! Has it warmed up today?

  4. Yes it has...we'll be in the mid to upper 60's although we have more rain coming. We never got the freeze at our house that they predicted but it did get down to 36 one night. Hopefully from now on it won't be so bad. I'd like to get my annuals planted!


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