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May 10, 2011

Coming alive!

 I just love these Jack Frost- Brunneras...for me they are one of the first plants to flower and I love their little periwinkle color!
My Coral Bells in the picture there, newly planted last year...glad to see they are still around and coming back!
This is a group of late blooming daffodils and tulips on their way to blooming!
Today's job was removing these two shrubs..the mice ate at them so badly through the winter that they basically killed them.  I had these Lemon-Lime Euonymous for 10 years, and I had them groomed into square shapes... 
 The mice were eating all the bark and I think any greens they could ...they fed well!
So now I have to decide what I'm doing with this area.  I'm seeing boxwoods at this point...perhaps lined up along the red bricks...

Hope your spring is moving along nicely too!


  1. Liz, your garden hardscape is fabulous! Sorry about your Euonymous. I didn't know mice ate bark on shrubs. Gosh, they must have been hungry, but it's sad to lose good plants. Boxwood is one of my favorite shrubs. I have lots of them and they hold up well under the GA heat. I'm so interested in seeing your garden as it progresses into Spring.

  2. Hard to believe they will do that but they must have gotten really hungry! Traps. American boxwood gets big and require a lot of trimming - we have them along and down two sides of our house and I wish we had planted english boxwood that grows slower and doesn't get as big. They were a little more expensive and at the time I was trying to save a little money so I went with the american boxwood. I don't like trimming so I usually talk Bill into it!!

    So glad you are warming up and seeing things come to life. Can't wait to see it all again through your pictures!

  3. It's coming along Liz. Your yard always look do beautiful when everything is in full bloom.


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