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April 20, 2018

Join Us For A Garden Party!

Join us for a Garden Party starting next Friday April 27th 

Five of us will be hosting this once a month Garden Party 
and would love for you to join us with a garden related post.  

Hope to see you then!

April 17, 2018

Ruby "40 Years"

We celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday.  Our daughter arranged to have this bouquet of 40 roses delivered that day also!

I decided to play up the "ruby" red coloring which is the traditional gift for the 40th Wedding Anniversary.  The flatware is our wedding set from 1978.  Perfect time to use it again!

The ruby red glasses have cherries on them which I bought for the symbolism of our area being the largest tart cherry producer in the country.  The fleur de-lis cups mixed well with dishes.  

I chose the charger and dinner plate for their understated earthy colors that go well with the tablecloth.

I chose the antiqued metal napkin rings to pair up with the flatware.  The napkins came from my mother's table linens and I'm sure they are at least 50 years old now.

A table set with love and sentiment! 

We had some of the most grueling weather all weekend which put a damper on our day but receiving the lovely roses perked it up a lot so of course I had to set a table with them! 

Hard to believe we've been married this long- so much has happened yet time sure has flown by!

Last Thursday Dan popped in with the largest bundle of flowers I've ever gotten from him!  I love the cheerful colors and I couldn't get another stem in there!  What a great pick-me-up!


We're a little aged now but not worn out!
(selfie pic from Easter)

Table contents:
Red Glassware by Mosser 
Flatware by Oneida called Cherbourg
Tablecloth from Williams Sonoma a few years ago
Dinner plates from Cracker Barrel six 6 years ago
Fleur De-Lis cups from One King's Lane a while ago
Chargers from Pier 1

Joining Between Naps On The Porch

April 12, 2018

Springing It Up With The Blues!

Still turning up the blues here!  If you've seen my previous post you'll know what I'm talking about.

To start with let's pretend we're outside dining in this gazebo.  If I had one this would be my style!

Time for a ladies luncheon!  As you can see I loaded up the table with plenty of blues!  Seeing some of my blogging friends in the south posting their beautiful spring weather I just had to pretend I'm outside like they are!
Spring is still playing games with us.  We are melting down again after the post-Easter snow we received so I'm still inside springing things up!

I made up this arrangement with silk plants I had on hand.  While in Pennsylvania I saw forsythia and daffodils blooming so I had to use some yellow for a pop of color!  I bought the forsythia branches at Hobby Lobby a while back- they are so realistic looking!

While visiting our daughter in-law's Italian family in PA they all had some espresso after dinner.  I ordered these cups one year with the dishes and silly me didn't realize I had ordered espresso cups!  I decided this would be a nice time to try them out.

Sweetener and creamer a must for the espresso!

I like the casual floral design this offers.  It mixed well with the tablecloth and the salad plates.  This is the fun part about mixing patterns!  With all the blue patterns going on I needed the white chargers to create a visual separation.

Fleur De Lis is a favorite design of mine.

Cobalt blue and floral etched stemware to compliment the centerpiece.

Chambray blue and shiny silverware make good pairings.

I layered a reticulated white plate with a metal trivet to act as a base.  I gained a little height for the centerpiece and it gave it better definition.

I kept the attached card when I bought this "jug".  It's made by Queens out of The Garden series by an English artist- Lilian Snelling 1879-1972).  They transformed some of her colorful designs into blue and white.  I found these at T.J. Maxx 6 years ago.  I have a much smaller version of it too.

Yellow is such a happy color!

Springing It Up With The Blues!

Table contents:
Paisley tablecloth by Ralph Lauren 
White Chargers from Pier 1
Dinner plate by Johnson Brothers called Devon Cottage
Salad plates and Espresso cups from Sur La Table called Fleur De Lys
Flatware called Baroque purchased through Neiman Marcus
Chambray Blue napkins from Sur La Table
Cobalt Blue Stemware from Pier 1
Etched stemware from Williams Sonoma called Vintage
Creamy white and blue Floral Jug from Queens, (Royal Horticultural Society "The Garden" series)


April 10, 2018

Turning Up The Blues

I got this large ginger jar as a birthday gift and planned for it to go here on the chest.

I haven't done all that much with the classic blue and white in my decorating but I've always admired it.  I rummaged around the house and found a couple more blue and white pieces and created this vignette.

A little more Asian influence.

I ordered the large ginger jar from The Enchanted Home after I saw she was having a sale.   The little blue lidded jar came from Bombay long ago.  I believe it was sold for putting potpourri in.  The top would allow the aroma to come through.  I've put a tea light inside of it and which has a nice affect too!

In a quest to add some blue and white several years back I ordered these dishes which are labeled Andrea by Sadek.  I found them in my dish closet and had forgotten about them!

I played with the arrangement several different ways and finally decided this was the best look.  

A beautiful sunny morning!


April 8, 2018

Updating The Living Room

I tweaked the floor plan again in the living room and I added a little bit more of the coral/orange tone that I brought in with the new pillows and the vase.

I wanted to accessorize a bit with more of this color that the new rug has brought into the home that I showed "here" in a previous post.

Notice the new floral arrangement on the mantel.  We took a trip up to Petoskey to my favorite store with faux florals (and real ones too).  I worked with Michael who is the owner and he put together a beautiful arrangement using faux orchids and succulents.  I had scoured the internet for an arrangement but everything was too tall and narrow.  I already had the lidded jar in a closet and pulled it out to fill in the left side.  The candle holders are new from the store and I had the candles.    

I snapped a couple of pictures of Michael as he was creating it.  This is the 2nd time he's made an arrangement on the spot for me (I feel lucky).  

I think it's really pretty.  I wanted something with orchids and I wanted it to be wide but low in design.  I would never have thought of using the succulents like he did but it sure pulled the arrangement together nicely!

We played with accessory ideas and I decided to take the two candle holders on the left. 

The pillows aren't quite as orange as they appear in the photos but anyway they worked out to go  really well with the sofa.  I tried the new temple jar on the mantel but it felt better on the cocktail table.   The brass accents have been with me a while.  

I want to paint or stain the round wooden top setting on the white garden stool in brown so it will pick up on other things in the room and I feel it will ground it better.

The game table was moved over to a corner and the chairs fit but the corner felt crowded so I moved them over by the chest.  One of the goals for this room is to get new curtains and the other is to find a replacement chest for this striped one.  

I took the lamp away from the wood cabinet area and put it on this table.  I like the taller height for this table. 
I like Asian accents and had bought this big lidded pagoda style box to hold our remotes a while back.  I keep it in this corner and decided to try my bronze cranes I got years back from Bombay Furniture.  

I think the cranes make a good "Asian" accent too!  The black chinoiserie shelving unit came from Ethan Allen a while back.  I grabbed it when our local store was closing.  

I stripped everything off of this wood cabinet top and came up with a new look.  The clock looks good with the dining room set so I'm keeping it here.  I did try it on the mantel but it's too high in front of the picture.

The two dogs (mock Staffordshire dogs from Nell Hills) were over on the black shelving unit by the storks but I decided to bring them out since they also offer that coral/rust coloring for the room.

The clock is new.  Dan and I bought it as a commemorative item for our 40th Wedding Anniversary coming this Sunday.  I can hardly believe I'm old enough to say that but I am!  We found it at a clock shop in Frankenmuth, MI late last year and bought it ahead of time for our Anniversary.  There's a brass plate engraved with our wedding and anniversary date on the inside.  Dan and I like clocks- we get enthused when we're in a place like that!  This sounds as good as our big grandfather clock- it's amazing!

So these are my updates for now!


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