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September 4, 2017

September's Sunny Gardens

My previous garden post shows how it looks in the misty mornings and now some pictures on the sunny side!

I'm a little obsessed with the limelight hydrangea out front.  Every year it makes me happy but this year it seems exceptional.  Perhaps it was the mild summer we've had.

I'm so happy these new knockout roses are blooming again.  

Over at the "forgotten garden" I'm in love with these variegated sedum plants. 

Look at their flowers- they start out white! 

The hisbiscus (Rose of Sharon) filled out with a lot more blooms.  

Okay like I said I'm obsessed with the limelight this year.  I love the new red maple we planted too- it's stayed healthy looking all summer and has given the front of the house a whole new look.

Now it's time to think about some other plants I want/need to move.  The side by the woods needs some work done- I just have to convince myself to get it done! 

I'm joining:
Garden's Galore #6 


  1. I love the variegated sedum. Really stunning limelight and the contrast of the japanese maple is nice.

    Yes, I like the sunny side and the black eyed susans look so pretty.

  2. So gorgeous! I know you are enjoying all the beautiful views of your garden! I'd never seen variegated sedum -- so pretty! I might "need" some. . . .

  3. Th is hydrangeas are gorgeous. How special you have those variegated sedum. Some beautiful color to admire now.

  4. I would be obsessed with the limelight hydrangea too. It's gorgeous.

  5. Hi Liz, I love limelight hydrangea too. I just planted one earlier today. We had one at our former home and it was a favorite. Your roses are still looking great. I wish I could find a knock out for zone 4. Happy gardening until the frost kills it all.

  6. Your garden looks lovely & the hydrangea is beautiful. Also, your blog design looks great! Linda is amazing!

    1. Thank you Gina. So happy about your umbrella wreath feature in the Summer Decorating Country Sampler magazine!

  7. That sedum and your limelight hydrangea are gorgeous Liz! So jealous of your beautiful garden.

  8. Liz, you have convinced me I must buy a limelight hydrangea! Your's is a knockout! A gardener's wants never end. I'm going to put this "idea" in my garden journal. The pretty Rose of Sharon is huge and lovely. I always enjoy visiting your garden. ♥

    1. Good- it really is a reliable easy to grow hydrangea!

  9. So gorgeous Liz. Love your hydrangeas. They are so beautiful. Have a wonderful new week.

  10. I'm obsessed with your limelights, too! So much so that I moved the one that I have that was too crowded by daisies (nearly to death!). My husband had cleared out a bed and reworked the soil to drain better. I had room for two more limelights, so that's what I did on Labor Day - labored over planting two more limelights and loving the thought of them looking like yours someday. :-)

  11. Liz, I love the variegated sedum! Your limelight is definitely a star in your garden! Knock-outs give a lot of bang for a buck! You definitely have the magic touch with gardening. Thanks for sharing at Gardens Galore!


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