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September 10, 2017

Fall Pillows and Chairs

I moved the furniture around a month ago or so.  I finally decided to share with you a couple of new things.

I wanted a brown pillow for the sofa and found this leather look pair at Pier 1.

While there I spotted the rusty orange beaded leaf pillow and it was on clearance (a hold over from last year $13.97)

To me these had just the right color and personality that I needed for the sofa. 

The white pillow shown in the first picture above doesn't actually stay on the sofa but it looks nice so I presented it that way first. My reality is that it looks like the picture below.

Bloggers try to show things like magazines but this is my reality here- the cats have a small bed and I keep a small blanket above on the pillowback because they like to snooze on the center there.  Each evening they hang out by me while I watch tv.

I've created a new area with the game table which has been in many locations of the room over the years.  More on that in a bit.

This was the day I decided to move everything around.  It's a lot easier with the furniture mover pieces underneath but it's still a lot of work.  The green stripe chest is really difficult- heavy! 

I tried a few different ideas but finally ended up with the sofa by the wall so I could have the two wingback recliners flank it.  I've already figured out that I can put the Christmas tree over by the right side of the tv when that time comes so I'm not going to move this again. Really..... honest.... I won't....  I promise....lol....no seriously I wont!

I used to have two green upholstered chairs that were originally purchased to go with this table.  (Shown below) 

Problem with them was they were too wide to actually go between the table legs.

I found a new chair on Lexington's website and then did a store location search.  I lucked out and found a store fairly close by.
I took the two green chairs to a re-sale shop and they sold the other day so I am tickled about that.  I've had them stored and covered in plastic for several years so I feel good about reducing the extra stuff I have stored and earned some money to boot!

I found this light golden and creamy white zebra pattern and fell in love.  I knew it was going to be an easy fit and I was tickled to get a little animal print in the room.

These chairs can also be used for extra seating at the formal dining table so they'll come in handy for more than one reason.

I did a panoramic shot of the room to better understand the layout.  

I still haven't pulled out my fall deco yet.  The pillows were my first step out here.  

I've been consumed with watching the tv about Hurricane Irma.  My son and his family had been at Disney World for the week.  They left Friday morning and at first the roads were fine but then they found themselves stalled on the freeway so they opted to get creative and jumped off on less traveled roads.  It took a little longer than they anticipated but they finally reached their destination for the day and will be working their way back to Pennsylvania.  I'm so glad they're far away now. 

By the time this is posted this the hurricane will have made landfall.  Praying for everyone especially those who couldn't leave or chose not to.  I have two great-nephews that I just learned are with their mother near Fort Myers and she plans to stick it out in their house.  I'm so scared about what is going to happen.  God help them all. 


  1. First, yeah....you're gonna move that furniture again! We KNOW you, woman! I'll bet you're sitting there right now contemplating, "Whst would happen when if I just...?"😆😆😆. Boy, oh, boy, I tell ya....your living room is such a nice big size with so many possibilities! I don't blame you for experimenting a lot!!! I would, too! I hope your family is safe. I'm watching the morning news right me, and the weather is doing some CRAZY things!!!

  2. I keep reminding myself, never say never. I too have difficulty with trying to find a new place for the Christmas tree...so let's see how you do this year :) ... You have a most wonderful space to work with....I love the new fabric and the kitties are the cutest.....Currently my 4 siblings are in Florida with their families...and most of them have already lost power. It is such a most horrendous storm...I pray that your family are safe!

  3. Nice new layout, Liz! I like the new game table area and especially those chairs. Their new fabric is gorgeous!! I've been watching the news about Irma, too, and can't believe those reporters are standing out in that storm!! Are they crazy? Praying for all enduring this hurricane!

  4. I love your new chair fabric. The money earned from selling the green chairs is such a nice bonus! Your new pillows were a terrific bargain - and beautiful! I hope you and your hubby will be very happy with the new (and permanent!?) arrangement. I'm concerned about those who chose to stay in Florida, too. Irma is different, so we don't really know what to expect. Glad your son and his family are safe and out of harm's way!

  5. The chairs look so pretty. Of course I love animal print of all kinds. The new fall pillows are so striking. Love the photo shot with kitty on the couch. This darn storm is so scary. I feel for so many people who are having to go through this.

  6. I really like the wingback recliners. Would you please share the source?

  7. Great Layout Liz. Glad your family got out of Florida ok. That storm is horrific.
    Have a great new week.

  8. I adore your pillows. I made and bought some covers for mine. The sweet kitties are so cute too.

  9. I love your room makeover/rearrange. From the panoramic shot it looks like a large room, but your other pictures make it look cozy. Love your reality too!

  10. Liz, your living room looks just beautiful! I love your sofa, and the new pillows you purchased look so pretty. I love the rich Fall colors. The new chairs you purchased for your game table are perfect. Everything looks just gorgeous!

  11. You know I love that great room of yours - in every season!


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