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August 31, 2017

Gardens in the Misty Morning

This post is heavy on pictures...
Here we are at the end of August and we are starting to feel the early stages of fall. Cool evenings sweep over the area.  Fog and a heavy dew become common in the mornings.  I thought I'd capture some images in the garden before the sun burns it all off.

 My red impatiens plants became sickly looking a couple of weeks ago after too many wet days.  I cut them off and am hoping they'll recover but it's hard to say whether I'll have enough time with the growing season to see the recovery.

The copper planter behind the water fountain had some beautiful begonias growing but they don't like being overly wet either and look bad.  I cut away parts of the plant that looked the worst hoping for a recovery.

It took so long for these planters to look the way I wanted.  The new guinea impatiens were slow because our summer was cool.

 I'm starting to see signs of the hostas dwindling with browning on the edges of the leaves.

Last night's rain washed the delicate petals of the flowers to the ground.  

 I've enjoyed watching this caladium grow- perhaps I'll try more of them next year.

 These impatiens are overgrown and getting floppy.

The ground sedum are sprawled all around here (most of this is "Coral Carpet" sedum).  It's such a carefree plant.  The only issues I have with it are when weeds pop up in it- it can be challenging to pluck them out!

 The Stonecrop sedum (Abbeydore) are flowering which is always a sign of late summer here.

 Hydrangeas are the highlight around the area at this time.

This Cityline Paris hydrangea has the best compact shape but I guess do to late frosts I seem to only get flowers low on the sides.  I need a big dome to put over it in the spring to protect it!

 I just love the flower - a nice rich deep pink with little white star like centers.

I spotted this little tree toad on a different day but thought I'd include it.  He sure blends in!

 The grasses are topped out and the flowers are fading.

This Cotton Candy phlox has been fantastic during the past month.  The smell was amazing.  When it started flowering we could smell it from the kitchen.  I highly recommend it- it has the most enjoyable scent of any I've come across.

 I'm thrilled with the purple fountain grass and definitely will be growing them again in the future!

The fairy garden has become a jungle!  The Annabelle hydrangeas are green now and getting papery in texture.  I've cut a bunch and have them drying in the garage.

 The plants filled in nicely and have covered up some of the stone pathways.

This little miss has become cradled in some new shelf mushroom growth.  The chipmunks run through and knock things over all the time.   I didn't realize that the little archway there had been knocked down.

I have a corkscrew plant growing nearby and it wrapped itself around this fairy on the ladder- what a neat surprise!

Out front I'm tickled to see a new flush of flowers on the knockout roses we planted earlier this summer.  I look forward to them filling out and much more flowering next summer!

 New growth beaded with water on the edges- almost looks like frost!

 This limelight hydrangea is an attention grabber.  It can be seen at a distance as we return home.

 As you can see the fog was thick!

My favorite shot!  It looks like something in the New England States area.

I'll be joining the following parties:

Dishing It & Digging It


  1. Very pretty! I am really missing all the perennials I love. I need to check out the plant store and see what is recommended to plant for fall in Florida.

  2. You just keep making me more and more jealous! Seriously...I just can't even begin to imagine how to keep up with all of this! It's so doggone gorgeous!!! It HAS to be a lot of work!!! Gardening is enjoyable, but it can be a back breaker, too. I think that's part of what makes me shy away, although I would love to expand the plantings around our home. You do an exceptional job, and I'm happy for you...as well as perpetually jealous!!! ;-) I didn't know you can cut back begonias and impatiens to encourage new, healthier growth. Putting that in my new gardening diary!

  3. Liz I just swoon through your garden pics. You take the most beautiful pictures and I feel like I am walking right there in the garden path. Beautiful. I think Fall is going to arrive for us midwesterns early this year. We are having about the same weather as you here in Illinois. Cool nights and foggy mornings. It is sweet that the sun burns off the fog and we are having breezy sunshine during the day and low 70's for temps. Loving that so much. Windows open and fresh air. Happy rest of the week enjoy the holiday weekend.

  4. Wow, Liz, it's all so beautiful! I love the morning foggy look over everything. I'm going to have to try that. I love the hydrangeas. Try overwintering your caladium. I've tried digging the bulbs up and letting the foliage die back naturally and I've had mixed results with that. I say until the frost kills it all, happy gardening.

  5. Your gardens are so gorgeous! The mist makes them look enchanting this morning. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Liz, I adore your ethereal garden shots! Your gardens are beautiful and have given you and this reader joy as you share the fruits of your labor. Your hydrangeas are truly beautiful. Mine (except the oakleaf one) did nothing in the way of blooming this year. Our late frost took care of that! Your fairy gardens are so sweet and make me smile looking at them. Well done, Liz. ♥

  7. Your garden is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  8. Wow. I always enjoy seeing your garden. (Call it garden envy. :-) ) Your limelights are gorgeous! I've never seen a Cityline Paris before. I love the pink color - and the white center dot on each petal is scrumptious! Fog is a regular event around here this time of year. The effect can be wonderful! Your fairy garden is adorable. What fun! :-)

  9. Beautiful photos. Fall is in the air. Love seeing all of the color. That moisture does help the plants. What a darling tree frog, it does blend in perfectly.

  10. Just gorgeous! Love seeing the pics of your gardens and your fairy garden. The hydrangeas are stunning. You have such beautiful garden and so happy you share them with us.

  11. Wow you have quite the garden. It really is beautiful.

  12. Oh Liz, I just never can get over how beautiful it is in your garden. Where are you? I don't remember but it must be much cooler than here. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous!

  13. Liz, Your limelight is stunning! How old is it? I would love to have that many blooms to cut.
    I never see phlox to buy here. The phlox I have was given to me from an old garden years ago. Did you buy it in a nursery or plant seed. It would be nice to have some with fragrance like yours. Mine is a darker shade.
    Your sedum is a much darker pink than mine, too.
    I enjoyed your tour today, Liz.

  14. Liz, what a beautiful garden tour...I love the fog and how it envelops the garden. There is so much beauty, where do I start? The limelight must be extremely happy judging by its size! They are a favorite of mine because they are easy to grow! I love your fairy garden.. truly magical! Everything looks lush as compared to my southern garden looking a little weary! Thanks for sharing at Gardens Galore and for your faithful support of each party!

  15. I love all your flowers but I am captivated by your walkway and fountain.


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