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November 2, 2016

Part Two- Mom's House- A Sentimental Journey

 Well like I mentioned in yesterdays post Mom's decorating is a mix of Victorian, Country and a wee bit of Asian!  

When I was a child perhaps 7 years old my parents had this family room added on to the back of the house.  All this brick is re-claimed brick and the wood barn beam came from a barn that was being taken down.  The eagle and stars were kind of a popular thing back then so they landed above the fireplace and have been there ever since.  The living room at that time was a fancy blue and white theme and that's when Mom started a collection of some Asian influenced pieces.  I bought her the big plate on the right when we lived in Chicago plus a few more pieces later on.

 The top piece also came from Chicago when I lived there.  She was thrilled to visit us and we had a ball shopping.  Clark St. was behind us and there were a variety of small independent  shops that were fun to visit.  The bottom picture was another piece my sister brought back from their visit to Japan.

When I look at these pictures I can remember some of our trips together when Mom & Dad would visit us up here in Traverse City.  We had a list of favorite places to visit each time we went out.

 My mom joined a ceramic class starting in the mid 70's and she went there through the 80's.  She loves dolls and that became her later passion.  She made the outfits too.  The bunny on the sofa was another one I made.  She added the lace to it to add more fluff!

 I made the rabbit that's in the high chair and every time she went to a craft show and saw more of them she'd buy another….  I know… I know…

 My patterns were primitive and Amish styled designs.  

 In the 1980's they had this deck and gazebo added on which is right off the family room.  I love the gazebo - it's very roomy and it offers a nice place to relax in the heat of the summer.

Each spindle was custom cut to create the arched design they have.  It had wood shingles but they were deteriorating so when the house got a new roof so did the gazebo.

Back inside the house.  The formal dining area sets between the living and family rooms.

Later that day I had put this together.  I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time and found this pumpkin carriage.  I fluffed it with silk florals and ribbon.

 More of the dolls she made and some that she purchased at shows.
The two big pictures came from a store that was closing in the 70's.  They had been on a wall over the sofa in the past but when she had the room re-painted she had me select places to put things I decided they should be here. 

 Another pair of rabbits I made for her.  She started giving away dolls to some people that showed interest and thinned down what was in the cabinet.  

 I gave her that big dish on the left also back from my Chicago days. 

 I think I'll ask for these back when the time comes for sentimental reasons.

I've been dreaming about bringing this hutch home with me although my space is so tight I just can't imagine where I can put it.  

 I re-arranged the room while visiting on this occasion and slid the sofa over on an angle.  I decorated the coffee table with her things.  She's had the pewter candlesticks on there for many years.  We change out the candles for the seasons to update it.  The sofa is now back on the left under the pictures these days.   

 See the legs on the coffee table.  I always liked the looks of it.   She put bumper guards on the corners for the grandkids and they've been there for 30 years!  

 The hallway is a walk down memory lane of my mother's life.  We have very little from my Dad's side.  His mother died when he was five and his father, who was a copper miner in Calumet, Michigan finished raising the family alone.  

My dad lived a terribly poor life as a child and after he moved to the Detroit area in his early 20's he stayed in that area and only visited his home town a few times after that.  His father passed right after my parents were married so I never knew my Dad's parents.

 Family portrait from the very early 60's.  My mom and dad are on the left lower and upper.   There were 4 sisters- three are still alive.  Aunt Beatrice passed suddenly about 10 years ago- she's on the right.  They grew up in Detroit in an era when Detroit was still a great city to live in.  Grandma and Grandpa are in the center.

 Grandmother and her siblings

 Grandma around 19 yrs old.  She had a job working at Sander's in Detroit hand dipping chocolates in the little chocolate factory. 

 My Grandmother Sarah and her sister Grace below

I believe this was my Grandmother's graduation picture.  She was born in 1900 so I imagine this was in 1917 or 1918.

Well- I better wrap this up!

Thanks for joining me down memory lane!


  1. A post full of memories and treasure. How sweet to have these memories and share them. The gazebo is gorgeous! The hutch is fabulous and I do hope you find a space for it. Happy November

    1. Thank you Linda! Yes I hope to find a place for the hutch. It's been a part of my who life.

  2. Beautiful memories and treasures♥

  3. I love the old photos. Isn't it funny how we'd go to our parents or grandparents homes and they would never change their decor.

    1. I know right? Maybe because of that people like us are always making changes!

  4. Hi Liz, this truly is a walk down memory lane in Michigan and like seeing my own too.
    Your family home is gorgeous and you can see the wonderful memories in the treasures there. Love the gazebo. What a wonderful place to gather.
    The old photos are a treasure. We all seemed to grow up with those near by. The floral sofa was a staple to many in our family too. My sister in law had it in the 80's too. These memories will live in your heart always. Love seeing your mom in the photos looking out the storm door. God Bless her!! Thanks for sharing I so enjoyed these 2 posts. They took me back home for a little while! xo

    1. Yes the floral sofa seems to live on no matter what the trends are. I'm glad you enjoyed the posts! The things I bought from your Etsy shop are in her bedroom- they made her happy!

  5. Such a lovely walk down memory lane and a chance to see so many wonderful treasures of your mom's. Beautiful post.

  6. You are so lucky to have photos of the home you grew up in, Liz. The photos I have are mainly the dining room and living room during the holiday photos. I love all the photos down the hall of your relatives. How wonderful to have them from so far back. And I too love the photo of your mother at the door---so sweet. ♥

    1. Thank you- I try to take pictures for that very reason. Later on when you can't go back it's important to have something to refer to. I don't know what mom was waving at but perhaps my husband was outside and she was giving him a hello!

  7. What a precious two-part posting - I love all your mother's family treasures.

    Their gazebo is AWESOME - oh how I would love love love to have something like that in my back - perfect place for tea parties!!!

    Your sweet rabbits you made are awesome.

    And your grandmother was a stunning beauty! She's gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing! Hugs! ♥

    1. Thank you Michele! Yes that Gazebo is such a nice addition. It would be nice to have a tea party out there!

  8. Liz, Thank you for the wonderful tour of your childhood home. I so enjoy it. I feel like I was a good friend, welcomed and invited in to chat. It warms my heart to see all the handcrafted things and items that we there during your childhood. It is all about wonderful memories. I love the fireplace and gazebo too.

    1. Thank you- as we are drawing near the end of life with Mom and our time there it seems to be more and more important to take time to reflect.

  9. How I loved this Liz! Memories of parents and home. All those beautiful family portraits! It was a treat to me that you shared today! Just so loved it! Hugs!

    1. Thank you Estelle! I'm glad you enjoyed the family portraits!

  10. Thanks for sharing your family pictures and memories. There's nothing like the love of family. Hope that hutch makes to your house at some point.

    1. Thank you Judy. You are right there's nothing like the love of family!


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