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April 20, 2021

Spring With Color! (T)

I chose my striped tablecloth to brghten things up.

Lots of colors including whites, purples, deep reds, pinks and blues.

This mix kind of stretches the color spectrum.  Unfortunately the lilies aren't open and the hydrangea is going down quickly and I don't know if the roses are ever going to open. 

I matched the antiqued metal handles with the napking rings.

The bottom plate I chose to add a little cozy country appeal.

I chose these salad plates because they had a lot of the colors in the flower arrangement.

Blue flatware and napkins enhanced the blue from the dishes.

I chose these glasses because of their blue and green coloring which are colors in the dishes.

I've started a bunch of caladiums in peat pots that you can see in the background.  Those will be there for at least another month. 

Spring is coming along up here but slowly.  My tulips and daffodils will be blooming soon though and I can hardly wait!



  1. Doggone flowers just do what they wanna do!😠 It’s CRAZY how much hydrangeas drink. Such lushes!🙃 They’re all still pretty, though. The lilies will smell great when they finally decide to open!!!

    I like the country feel of this table. It’s comforting and quiet. Something we could all use a bit of right now, I think.

    It’s snowing here this morning. I hope it bypasses you guys so that you can get those daffodils and tulips born!!!

  2. Beautiful, Liz. I love the color combinations and various patterns. It looks like a cozy setting and a perfect place to enjoy the company of great friends or family. Happy Spring.

  3. Love the pattern on your plates Liz. So pretty. I just got flowers for my birthday and everything is open and so pretty but the roses!!! Not sure what it is about Roses in a bouquet and not opening. Happy Tuesday. xoxo

  4. Your plates are beautiful, Liz. The glasses go so nicely with them. You have so many lovely pieces and always pair them together beautifully. I'm sure spring will visit you before too much longer. Have a great day!

  5. This is so pretty, Liz -- and so colorful. I love how beautifully you pull it all together!

  6. Love this pretty table. Your plates and chargers really pop. I think your flowers are perfect. Sometimes, though, they have a mind of their own. 🌸

  7. Such a charming table Liz. The striped table cloth in red and white really sets the tone. Pretty plates and touches of blue pull it all together.


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