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May 20, 2021

Tulips, Planting Annuals, and a bear... Late Spring 2021


Hello Everybody!  I've begun planting my annuals.  In this planter I've got some Supertunia Royal Velvet, Really Red Supertunias, two yellow marigolds and a spike planted.

I've got a Two tone orange Dahlia, a Prince Tut, Corkscrew Rush and a Creeping Jenny planted in here.
Here I've got some Rockin' Blue Suede Shoes Salvia and Diamond Snow Euphoriba.  These salvia will get quite tall (30") so this will be interesting to see how it turns out.  These were magnets for the hummingbirds last year so I'm excited to have them again.

I've got two Calliope Medium Scarlet Geraniums, two Limoncello Supertunias and a Prince Tut grass here.  I'll update in a month or so as to how these are all looking.

This planter has a Sunfinity Sunflower centered and is surrounded by Sunrise Rose Lantana.  Should be real pretty once the sunflowers start flowering!  This type of sunflower branches out and get's quite full rather than a single stem.


Tulips!  These have been blooming nearly two weeks!  They are called Keizerskroon circa 1750!  (Grand Duc or Emperors Crown) They've really made a good show and I can see why they've been around for so long!  There are soft yellow daffodils and purple hyacinths also which smells so good!

This was a mixed package of tulips I ordered.  They've all so pretty and came out and bloomed together which is perfect!

This one's like a rose!

These pink tulips really made their mark!  

This is how they started.

I think these were called Pink Impression 

Back to Planters
 In this terracotta planter I've put two geraniums, one a Calliope Medium Deep Rose' a hot pink and the other a Patriot Watermelon which is the red/orange color.  I planted two Wojo's Gem Vinca vines and two Superbena Stormburst (light purple) plants.

 This planter got a real vibrant mix.  Centered is a Canna Lily that will be yellow, a blue/white lobelia and a Hot Pink Calibrachoa.

More annuals to plant!

I'm going to try these Coleus around the hosta hill and fountain area.  I always plant impatiens there but I thought it might be fun to switch up a bit! 

Got my large galvanized planter filled up! 
I've got pink Senorita Rosalita Cleome in the center which will get quite tall. Verbea called Vanessa Bicolor Purple, Superbells Honeyberry on the left side and white Calibrocha on the right side. 

Next to it we inserted the shepards hook through the middle of the pot and I've planted New Guinea impatiens called Blushing Crimson all around the top of the planter.

On the shepards hooks I've got a pair of hanging baskets with Techno Upright Dark Blue Lobelia, Silver Nickel Vine Dichondra and in the center (which isn't blooming yet) is a Sonic Deep Purple New Guina Impatiens.

This one has Diamond Snow Euphobira, and two double Red impatiens by D.S.Cole, a Creeping Jenny and one white Browallia

BEAR-  We had a little excitement for a couple of nights.  A bear visited our bird feeder and climbed the post and knocked everything off.                                                           

You can see his claw marks at the bottom of the post.


Look at the white post, there's a bear climbing up on it!

I'm told he's a younger one, probably a year old.  At this time of year they are looking for quick food since their main sources of berries and such aren't available yet.  In 32 years that we've lived here this has never happened!

I'm attaching a video we caught on our trail-cam but I don't know if it will work the way I did it.

Well that's all for now!


  1. Oh my goodness he grabbed the feeder with his mouth.
    Glad you were safe in the house.
    Please show your Proven Winner Supertunia's again when they are trailing over the pots.
    I bought some bubblegum's last year but when my pancreatic problems
    started the flowers suffered.
    Linda in Seattle

  2. Beautiful containers of flowers. Lots of pretty pots too. I see your young bear in the pics and in the video. That is kind of scary to think how chose he is. Be careful!

  3. WOW! Awesome but scaring...Beautiful garden too. Blessings.

  4. Corkscrew rush? OK...got it! I never knew the name of it! You are killin’ it!!! Every year you come up with something even more exciting than the previous year for your gardening!!! The bear thing...that was just WILD! Literally AND figuratively!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m headed out to add to my plant fix. I’m going to actively seek out the corkscrew rush. I saw it once years ago and had no idea what it was. The way you have it mixed in with your flowers looks great, so I’m gonna copycat!😛

  5. Your garden flowers are gorgeous. Those tulips are so pretty. Wowsie about the bear. How scary. That is too bad you will have to give up on the bird feeders for awhile. xoxo Kris

  6. Liz, your garden flower choices are so pretty! I am loving the Blue Suede Shoes salvia with the Diamond Snow. Those colors just feel so cool in the heat of summer. A solar landscape light in the center would make for a beautiful evening look too! I always wondered when I'd switch things up if I'd like them or not. Looking back on photos seems to be the best way to decide - after the season, of course.
    The bear! Wow. Last year my brother-in-law was walking his property with his golden retriever and a bear attacked (!) his dog. He was going out to his field for bow/arrow target practice and had ONE arrow. He shot the bear but it didn't kill it, only startled/wounded it to where the dog was released and ran home. My bil used his bow to strike the bear and it then fell. The DNR said it was likely a 2 yo mother looking for food. They'd lived on their same property 21 yrs and had never seen a bear. Happy ending, the dog recovered!

  7. Your flowers are beautiful. Just love your beautiful colorful pots. Thank you for scaring the video.

  8. Wow Liz, a bear, scary. How pretty your flowers are. The tulips are so graceful. Lots of pretty pots too. Love how you layered the plants. I need to order some tulips for next year. Enjoy your garden. Happy weekend.

  9. Oh my goodness, Liz!! That would really freak me out knowing there was a bear in my backyard. I hope he moved on to another yard very quickly! There were reports of bears a little south of here, south of I-70. They can keep them! Your tulips are stunning this year! I wish I could grow them but I don't seem to have much luck. I might might try them in pots. I think moles may be my problem. Wishing you a wonderful week! Zenda

  10. Liz, you are an expert with container gardening. I can’t wait to see a follow up on how they have grown and filled in. The tulips made a grand showing for you, they are just stunning. A visiting bear is frightening. They have been spotted on trail cams in our county. So far there hasn’t one on any of our trail cams. Happy June!


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