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April 11, 2021

Yellow Roses and the Credenza


 Ah back in the kitchen area.  I decorated the top of the credenza (again).   Got two dozen yellow roses and I'm in love with them!  I love the flavor of lemon and these remind me of lemon meringue pie!
 I used some of the same elements but differently as I did back on Jan.7, 2021

These Pottery Barn candlesticks have been used so many times, they were a good investment!  I don't always use them as candlesticks though!

This is a new metal planter from Hobby Lobby.  There were three sizes and this is the smallest.  I put styrofoam in the bottom and bought 4 of these flocked lavendar bushes as far as they'd go in and them added moss to finish it off.  Do you know that they did away with the 40% coupon for anything regular priced?  They said it's because they have so much on sale they don't feel it's needed any longer.  I beg to differ but what can you do?

 Back to these yummy roses!

Some are ever so lightly tinged with soft pink on the edges

 Outside.  I almost hate to show you, but it's reality!  I have tulips, daffodils and primrose growing.

 I picked away a lot of the brown but there is still more to take off.  I'm impressed with how much larger it has gotten.
Love this bright red color.  These will bloom for a good while
I bought 4 soft pink colored Primrose and added them to my pink garden.  As many of the oak leaves I have removed I'm always surprised how many are still showing up!

Well that's it for me!

I will be joining
Life and Linda


  1. I love it!!! Love those lavender stems.....

  2. I had heard they’d be doing away with the 40% off coupon, but I didn’t know it had taken effect already. What a lame excuse they have you! They have ALWAYS had lots on sale! I think they’re just making up for lost revenue from the past year when business wasn’t quite as robust. Whatever!🤷🏽‍♀️

    I’d like to think I played a part in the lemon meringue-colored roses!😄 They are beautiful!!!! Your garden is looking great, too! It means BUSINESS!!!!!! Whew!

  3. enjoy your posts and I enjoy your garden! just lovely! Have a blessed week...hugs! - Alda


  4. It's so nice to see "up north" looking bare of snow! We're getting itchy to open but will wait a bit -- we know April is very fickle! The roses are gorgeous.

  5. Lovely signs of spring in your neck of the woods. The yellow roses are beautiful!

  6. It is so exciting to see everything popping up with new life. I love yellow roses too. Yours are gorgeous. Happy New Week. xoxo Kris


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