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July 21, 2020

My Potting Wreath

 I created this wreath after seeing Mary's Patriotic Wreath from  
Home Is Where The Boat Is.  I fashioned it after hers but put my own twist to it.

 The back of the house rarely gets wet so I hope it will be safe!

 We moved the hanging planter over by the window so I could have room for the wreath.  It's too deep and big for the door but I like it back here because this is the heart of my gardening.  It's very overcast today forgive the darkness.

 Browallia Endless Flirtation, Hypoestes Hippo White and Stained Glass Royalty Coleus

 I found the watering can at Menards (very inexpsive) Menards is kind of like Home Depot

Found an old brass water nozzle in our supplies.

 I wrapped chicken wire that came on a spool around the wreath along with this cabbage rose print that fit in nicely with what I was doing.

 I attached some seed packets to the wreath like Mary did.

 I hot glued the seed packets in place.

 Found these gardening gloves with a similar aqua tone as the ribbon plus some yellow like the watering can.  I hot glued them too.

 I made up a bow which also hides the larger tie-wrap that's holding the hose to the wreath.

I bought everything right after I saw Mary's post which was the end of May but didn't get around to putting it together until now.  😀
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you liked this! 


  1. Liz, That's adorable. I like the sitting area , it's so nice. You are such a great gardener. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. What a cute idea, Liz. It's a perfect representation of your gardening abilities. Love it! That is great ribbon, too. xo Diana

  3. Such a cute idea Liz. Love the chosen colors. It looks lovely with your sitting space.

  4. Your wreath is so cute and adorable, Liz and looks perfect in that spot of your gardening area!

  5. I love the hanging basket. Where did you get that darling basket?

    1. Here’s a link to the basket: https://www.gardeners.com/buy/aquasav-marrakesh-hanging-basket-14-inch/8598378.html?SC=XNET0348#q=hanging%2Bbasket&simplesearch=submit&start=9

  6. This is super cute. I love ribbon you used on this wreath. So so pretty with all the summer colors. Have a great week.

  7. Oh Liz, how fun and whimsical is that? What a cute idea.

    I really love that rose and aqua ribbon you wound around it - so beautiful!

  8. Very clever, Liz! It looks perfect on the wall. All the elements fit perfectly together. Love the addition of the chicken wire on the grapevine wreath.

  9. Liz, your new wreath is so clever! I've seen some similar on pintrest but yours is, by far, the best!! It is the perfect addition to your beautiful, floral-filled deck. Happy week, friend! Zenda

  10. I like this version much more than a patriotic theme. Gardening has such a long season. (Others might think patriotic does too, but that color combo drives me batty!). This, with its cheery pinks and yellows and seeds is something I could live with for a whole summer!

  11. Very cute Liz. Looks perfect on your wall. A great addition to your seating area.

  12. Liz, Your wreath turned out so cute! I love the addition of the chicken wire ribbon, gloves, seed packets and cheery yellow watering can! Your hanging planter looks so healthy and lush too! ♥


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