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August 8, 2019

Update on the Garden Island and a bit more...

A panoramic of the island.  I initially started it to cut down on the view and road noise.  It's been expanded three times but I'm sure this will be the last.

 I planted 6 Huchera (Coral Bells) called Peach Flambe'

 I think they look good near the variegated sedum.

Most of these plants were transplanted so some look a little wimpy right now.

 These little yellow flowers are from a plant (Heliopsis) called Tuscan Sun they should look much better next year.

You may have noticed my garden statue. She's kind of like that famous Bird Girl statue as seen in the movie Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil.  Not as delicate and not as pricey!

 This is a plant called (Helenium plant) Sneezeweed and a nearby coneflower.

Some phlox are blooming and contrast nicely with the Blue Oat Grass.

 Up by the garage this planter is coming along nicely.  The "Prince Tut" grass in the center didn't get as tall as I'd hoped but the Superbena Royal Chambry are doing well.

I started these Dahlias from bulbs a while it took a bit for them to finally start blooming they are putting out a lot of flowers now.  I just dead headed half a dozen flowers off of it.  I used the topiary frame to support them and force the blooms upright.

I've been busy with family visiting and having to go downstate to address my mother's estate affairs.  She's still alive and just turned 97 but is now living in an adult assisted care facility.  Getting older sure makes you have to face up to things you didn't expect!


  1. Liz, You still are a great gardener. I love mixing plants with different colored foliage. Your gardens are looking very pretty. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  2. Looks like Mother Nature has been good to your garden.
    I am not ready for Autumn, I still want to see more color.
    Sending you warm thoughts as you handle your mothers estate.
    I hope you show your Hostas again before winter, I do so love
    all the varieties you have.
    Be Well

  3. Ir ia just lovely, Liz. You really do a great job on the gardens and I bet they are beautiful to passer-bys, too.
    Have a wonderful weekend. xo Diana

  4. Liz, your expanded garden island looks great. No one really appreciates all of the hard work it takes. Next year those plants will be taller and fill out. I know I always want instant gratification, but patience is key. Love your dalias. I am so glad you got in some family time. Your little man is growing up fast. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Your island looks wonderful. I love the 4 season color you put in it!

  6. Love seeing all the prettiness to your island garden. All your hard work is paying off. Beautiful. I love the garden statue too. I remember it from that movie. Happy Friday and have a great weekend.

  7. Lots of hard work with a pretty outcome. What are the trees ?

  8. What a lovely view you now have! All the plants you've chosen mix well together and will only become lovelier as they grow and expand. I have to ask -- how do you keep the deer and other critters out? My garden has been decimated :(

  9. Liz, your island garden is beautiful with such a variety of plantings. You definitely have a green thumb. I love the dahlias, I had my first bloom and I was so excited. I hope your mom does well in the assisted living. Have a wonderful week!

  10. Liz, your garden is always a delight! You've been a busy beaver. I love Coral Bells, but have not had luck with them in this garden. Not sure why. Blessings to your mom!! My father in law is in an assisted living place and doing quite well. He's 93. Have a great week!!

  11. That's a lot of mulch, my friend. You must have a mighty strong back! And boy, the effort you've put into it pays off. It's really beautiful, Liz. In every way.


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