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August 25, 2019

Forgotten Garden Second Edition

 As I explained before with my Island Garden I transplanted a bunch of perennials from this bed.  I decided that since it's become so shaded that I'd plant it with hostas.  I started out with two but then I decided to expand.  So begins the Second Edition of my Forgotten Garden!

 I was pretty satisfied with this but those little golden/green ones up front looked skimpy so I went on a hunt for more.  I found the first two at Home Depot, then I tried a local garden center and found two and then I went to Cadillac which is a 45 minute run and found two more!

The two from the garden center were larger so there's a little inconsistency with their sizes but next year it should all look better.  I ordered several of these from New Hampshire Hostas.  Two are a bluish tone to compliment the blue spruce that is nearby.  I put in two other hostas in that frontal row that are different but similar in size.  Oh and I put in a couple of ferns.

 These Tassel Ferns are nestled up near the lilacs in a nice more densely shaded area.

 This is the first hosta I brought home.  It's called Aureo Marginata Fortunei.

And now with a fresh layer of mulch!
Hostas, hostas, hostas!

My ordered hostas include:
2 Afterglow Hosta
2 Christmas Candy Hosta
2 Great Lakes Gold Hosta
2 Majestic Hosta
2 Prairie Sky Hosta
1 Strawberry Surprise Hosta

Metamorphosis Monday


  1. Liz, I think your garden is looking very pretty. Hostas are nice shade plants and come in my pretty colors.

  2. Liz, your gardens look so pretty. Love the hostas. I do wish we had more shade so I could plant some. Thanks so much for sharing your Forgotten garden at “Love Your Creativity.” Have a happy week ahead.

  3. Hi Liz,
    Love your Hosta garden. Such beautiful varieties. Just think next year how much bigger and fuller that area will be too. You can never go wrong with Hosta's. Very pretty.

  4. I think Rick and I are going to try to transplant hostas from home at the cottage. I don't know how it will work, since I won't be there all that much to water them after this next week, but in any event, it's time to divide the others and we had good shade at the lake, so we'll see. You inspire me!

  5. You hosta garden is going to look so beautiful next year when it fills out! It looks great now!

  6. I like the bright green of the new hostas, Liz. Your garden will be prettier every year. We used to have a "Hosta Lady" that grew a great variety of them in her garden and would sell them in the spring. I love them in my shady areas, except when the voles have a buffet.

  7. Liz, I love hostas and your nice shaded island is so perfect for them. Your forgotten garden is no longer forgotten.

  8. Liz, changes in the garden always provide new opportunities and you've taken lovely advantage of them. I have to admit I'm envious of your hostas. Between the deer, the rabbits and the chipmunks none of mine have survived. :(


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