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July 2, 2019

Perennials and Some Annuals!

 Hello my fellow gardeners!  I thought I'd start off with this beauty which is a Lofus vine plant.  I really love the trumpet like flowers it produces.  I'm getting more and more each day!

 Things are finally taking off.  What a long drawn out spring it was!

 This is my new Cherry Parfait rose bush that I showed a bit ago having another round of flowers!  Love it!!

 Next to it is my Sarah Bernhardt peony.  It's finally producing more than one flower.  It's the third year in.  They are heavenly scented!

 These are the spirea I planted last year and they are coming along nicely.

 This is a classic example of how perennials sometimes crawl, creep, then leap!  This is the 2nd year for these hostas and the pretty much look like they did last year.  The astilbe is filling out nicely so next year I figure I'm going to have a nice show!

 Out front I planted two new shrubs.  One is a Ninebark and the other a Barberry bush.  I decided that the burgundy maple on the end, then the burgundy Barberry bush in the middle and the burgundy Ninebark on the other end to be punctuation points.  I decided it was all to green and needed some contrast.

I think this Ninebark should do well here.  I had a Pinky 
Winky hydrangea here but it was very lackluster so I dug it out and replaced it with this Ninebark.

 This is a mock orange shrub.  This is the third year in and it's filling out and flowering more.

 This spirea is blooming and will soon be shaped/trimmed.

 I put the stone out here last year and decided it needed a 2nd one next to it.  The cluster of hostas I planted came up nicely.  There's about 5 plants there and I planted this somewhat close together so they'd look like a very large hosta.

 This was last week when the pink peonies were in full bloom!  Gosh they smell so good, too bad they are so short lived!

 This is now and the white and deep pink or red ones are blooming away.
They are bordered with the perennial geraniums.

 A quick snap of the yellow begonias which are just now starting to take off.

 This is a Captain Kirk hosta.

 And lastly in front of the garage Superbena Royal Chambray planted with a Baby King Tut grass in the center.  I'm hoping the Baby King Tut will get taller soon!


  1. Oh Liz, everything looks so beautiful. Love your peonies especially the deep pink ones. I have not seen the Lofus Vine before. It is very pretty with it’s trumpet type bloom. Your garden work is certainly paying off with so much color and lush looking green plants. I’m having some weed issues right now in my flower beds. It has gotten so hot and humid that I’m not wanting to work in the beds so weeds are growing. Think I need to start working out there around six am.

  2. Just lovely, as always. After being away for three weeks and it raining a lot while we were gone, I'm up to my knees in weeds! Envy your well tended landscape.

  3. Oh my!What fabulous garden!Breathtaking peonies!

  4. Beautiful garden and flowers. Greetings.

  5. Beautiful blooms. love the peonies. My neighbor grows them commercially. The vine is lovely. Your hostas are gorgeous. How pretty to walk through and take in the beauty.

  6. All beautiful. I have a peony bush at the new house and I am excited. I love them. Happy 4th.

  7. Liz, I am in total awe of your garden. Mine is so lame. Yours has color and beauty.

    Went to the Gaylord farmer's market today, usually good. Very small and not one fruit vendor. Wonder if the rains and cool till lately have affected things.

  8. Liz,
    Breathtakingly beautiful garden!
    I gain so much knowledge and insight from your Garden post!
    Lovin' your hosta.
    Planted my first two this year.

  9. Hi Liz - everything is looking amazing! We had a very cold, wet spring. It's still wet, but now it's hot, so that means humid. That's okay, I'll take and the plants love it. I always love seeing your gardens. I'll be back for more. Happy gardening!

  10. Liz, your garden always looks so healthy and very neat. Do you have to weed often? The peonies are just beautiful, I planted three this year and hope to see blooms next year. Is your mock orange fragrant? We have one because my hubby grew up with one that smelled so good, ours has no scent. Happy Gardening!

  11. Hi Liz! Oh, my goodness! How gorgeous everything is. I can almost feel the cooler temps looking at your beautiful garden. I've enjoyed the snaps you've shared on fb and the wedding you went to.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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