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November 16, 2018

This and That This Week #16

Green Bean Casserole Queen!

I was recently gifted with this by my daughter in-law because she knows our family can't get together without making the classic green bean casserole dish!  I  squealed with delight and laughter when I saw it!

It even comes with this silver plated serving spoon which you have to love!

As you can see it's made by Mudpie.

It's oven save and other than the spoon I'm sure it must be dishwater save.

Do you make the green bean casserole in your family?  My family  insists on making it with 1 can of Cream of Mushroom soup, (we don't add milk or worcestershire sauce like the original recipe calls for) plus two cans of (drained) green beans (I prefer the whole cut ones) and topped with French's crispy fried onions.  I like the White Cheddar version and I'm very liberal with it.  I buy the larger size and coat the entire top with it.  I recently saw the mention of adding chopped ham pieces to it also but I've never tried it.  Sounded kind of good to me though!  

Does your family include the green bean casserole at your gatherings?

I found that casserole dish on a few links but I am only including one to make it easy in case you want to get one for yourself or as a gift to someone.
Here is the "link"

Here is an update on the Amaryllis that I posted about "here" on Nov. 4th. 

If you read my previous post this will make more sense to you, but all I've done is give them bright light and they're growing!  The decorative gold stones and moss are just for looks- no water no soil.


As you can see they've grown a lot.  I have a feeling they'll be in full bloom by early December.  I might go back and see if there are more to start another round with!
Easy peasy!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. The green bean casserole is a must. Period. No ifs, ands or buts! I love that dish -- it's just the best!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Love that Green Bean Casserole ensemble....and the Amaryllis are looking great!...have a great weekend Liz!

  3. How fun is this dish and perfect for you and your green bean casserole!!!! I love mud pie dishes and I have not seen this one. What a hoot! Happy Friday.

  4. Your amaryllis are going to be so beautiful! They already look pretty with the moss and ribbon and the color of the bulb!

  5. Hi sweet Liz, I picked you up at Diana's blog. I can't seem to find you in my favorites. I think of you and your beautiful gardens. I have to say green bean casserole has come a long way. Having different onion flavors and it's own serving spoon.LOL Blessings to you and your yours, xoxo, Susie

  6. Liz, the amaryllis are going to be beautiful and that is the cutest casserole dish and spoon. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. That is the perfect gift Liz. How thoughtful your daughter in law gifted you with that. So pretty and functional. We love that green bean casserole too.


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