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October 10, 2018

Fall Deckorating 2018

Take a little tour of my "Fall Deckorating"!  I added a couple of galvanized pieces this year.  This Farm Fresh Pumpkins is actually an oval shape bucket but it managed to hold my round planter with mums!  

The steps as you walk up the back deck... I love all the fun different shapes, colors and textures of the pumpkins gourds and squash that are available these days!  The apple bucket crates came from Michael's last year or so and I like them to get an aged appearance which they've done nicely.  The terra-cotta pumpkin was at a garden center.  I liked the painted face (bought it in August)!

Dan and I were intrigued by this giant pink pumpkin with the green texture.  It might be called a "Galeuse d' Eysines "embroidered with warts from Eysines, France"  I think the white one is called a Flat White Boer. 

I had to have that huge heavily textured pink one and I got a couple of the yellow pumpkins.  I staged this one with this group so you can tell it is yellow.  The swan neck gourds weren't very exciting this year but I grabbed a couple anyway.  I always look for the ones with the giant stems too as you can see on the larger one in the back.

I stuck this one in the pot with the purple kale plants.  

It's been raining so much lately it's been hard to get a nice sunny picture.  Some leaves have fallen and I've brushed them towards the pumpkins but everything looks a bit dull.

Turning around you'll see I set up this arrangement with more pumpkins by the back door.  I stuffed more of the pine needles in the coco planter for the pumpkin to set on.  That striped one on top is called a Kamo Kamo.  The bottom yellow and orange one is a Sweet Lightning pumpkin.

Out in front of the garage I emptied the planters and created these stacked displays.  

I put down a thick bed of pine needle mulch.  Then I used a large grape vine wreath to put below the first pumpkin and then graduated ones for the others.  I store the wreaths and use them each year.  I think some critters have been stealing pine needles- probably for their winter nests!

The limelights hydrangeas have turned such a beautiful deep pink color now.  A little bit of sun was popping out and I tried to capture it.

This was early this morning when the sun shines briefly on the woods across the road.  Fall is here and the colors are starting to come on!


  1. Hi Liz,
    I like your play on words there!!! Your deck looks great. Happy Wednesday.

  2. Liz, thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the tour of your deck in autumn mode. My deck and planters are still full of blooming pentas, New Guinea impatiens and caladiums. (Or is it caladii?) The temps dipped into the 50's the other night so they might not last much longer. Last year's chrysanthemums are now blooming, but their colors don't coordinate with anything else. Ah well....


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